As Thanksgiving approaches so does the end of my first year as First Selectman. I would like to express my thanks to all who have worked with me and to all the people across the community working towards a better Wilton.

Thank you to the Town management team and their staffs who work hard everyday to serve the diverse needs of our community. A special thank you to the men and women of the Police Department and Fire Department.

Thank you to my fellow Board of Selectmen and the more than one hundred residents who volunteer their time to serve on the many town boards and commissions.

Thank you to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kevin Smith, the employees of the Wilton Public Schools and the Board of Education for being valuable partners.

Thank you to the many Wilton civic, community, and religious organizations and their members and volunteers who enrich our lives and those of the surrounding area. And thank you to the donors who make their work possible.

Thank you to the Wilton businesses and their employees and to the Wilton residents who support them.

Thank you to all the residents who took an interest in and attended meetings and reached out to me with their suggestions and thoughts. A special thank you to all of you who surprised me and brought me great joy this year–not the least of whom were the Miller-Driscoll second grade students and the thoughtful woman who reminded us to be kind and to listen.

When Thanksgiving ends, December soon begins, bringing with it a month of community wide celebrations which remind us why we all choose to live in this small wonderful community.

Please join your fellow residents at the first of these events on Friday, Dec. 2. Catch up with old friends and new during the Holiday Stroll. Stop in and enjoy the home cooking and drinks provided by the realtors. Say, ‘Hi’ to Santa on the Town Green. Roast marshmallows at the bonfire at Schencks. Visit our downtown retailers and restaurants that evening and throughout the month.

A happy and safe Thanksgiving to you all.