What do you get when you combine a modern love of home vegetable gardens and a look back at history? You get a fun Victory Gardens Workshop for kids at the Wilton Historical Society.

Millions of Americans grew Victory Gardens in their backyards–and on rooftops and in window boxes–during WWII to supplement their wartime rations and help spur victory. Planting Victory Gardens helped make sure that there was enough food for American soldiers fighting around the world.

On Saturday, June 3, from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., the Historical Society’s museum educator Lola Chen will lead the workshop, showing children the Society’s own Victory Garden, and talking about how everyone helped the war effort with vegetable gardens. Victory gardeners grew many different types of vegetables–tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, beets, and peas; what’s more, they were responsible for bringing Swiss chard and kohlrabi onto the American dinner table because those greens were easy to grow. For the workshop project, children will make pathway pavers for the Victory Garden. They also will help prepare their own snack, zucchini bread.

The program is suggested for children ages 6-12. The cost for Wilton Historical Society members is $10 per child, maximum $25 per family; non-member cost is $15 per child, maximum $35 per family.  Please register via email or call 203.762.7257.  The Wilton Historical Society is located at 224 Danbury Rd..