Village Market will Close for Thanksgiving Day, Asks Customers to Shop Early This Year

In a break from past practice, the Village Market will be closed on Thanksgiving Day this year. Owners Tim Dolnier and Mike Picheco have decided to give their employees the day off in appreciation for their hard work during a very unusual year that has included the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain shortages, storms that caused extended power outages in Wilton Center, and more.

“Through it all, our staff has been here every day, working hard, doing their best to make sure the Village Market experience remains as ‘normal’ and pleasant as possible. As a token of our appreciation to our employees, we will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so that they can have a day of rest, and enjoy some well-deserved time with their families,” they announced.

Especially during the holiday season, Dolnier and Picheco are asking customers to plan ahead and to shop early. In part, it’s an effort to manage occupancy in the store and continue keeping shoppers and staff safe. It’s also a safeguard in case the increased demand around the country impacts supply chains again.

“So far, we aren’t seeing any issues with inventory, but as peak demand increases over the next few weeks, things could change. We expect the store to be more crowded, so being organized and prepared with a list can help get through the store more quickly. When possible, please try to only send one person per household into the store,” they said, reminding the community, “We’re all in this together, and we ask for everyone’s patience and understanding during these uncertain times.”

They added a wish for the Thanksgiving season:

“Despite the difficulties of this year, let’s all do our best to remember how much we as a community have to be thankful for. We wish everyone health and happiness during this holiday season.”