The Wilton Chamber of Commerce just named a very familiar face as their 2016 “Business Person of the Year.” At last night’s (Wednesday, Sept. 21) Annual Celebration and Awards, the business organization announced that it was recognizing Nancy Dolnier, the vice president and general manager of Village Market, as the year’s honoree.

“The Chamber is so happy to have Nancy Dolnier as a recipient of the Business Person of the Year award. Nancy is what Wilton is all about, she is always available, always has a friendly smile in place, and is willing to help the community in any way that she can. It is our pleasure to honor Nancy as Business Person of the Year,” said Chamber president Mark Ketley.

Dolnier has been the manager of the market for 25 years. The long-time Wilton resident started with the store as a cashier and has been dedicated to making the market an integral part of the community. Under Dolnier’s aegis, Village Market supports a multitude of local organizations and charities with financial donations as well as support in kind.

Not only has Dolnier been integral to the past history and current success of the Village Market, she has also helped ensure the future of the store by bringing her son, Tim Dolnier, into the business. Tim also worked his way up through management until October 2013, when he and another manager, Mike Pacheco, purchased the Village Market from longtime owner Peter Keating.

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  1. Nancy is a wonderful person who truly deserves this recognition.
    This was a very, very good choice!
    Congratulations Nancy ? ? ? ? ?

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