One year ago Wilton High School administrators conducted a police K-9 search of Wilton High School lockers and property after announcing ahead of time that it would take place. Yesterday, (Tuesday, Nov. 29) they held another search using police dogs from several neighboring towns–but this time no advance warning was given to students, parents or the wider community.

According to school officials, the search was part of an “emergency operations lockout drill,” during which all exterior doors of the school were locked, preventing anyone from coming in or leaving the school building. During the search, the police K-9 units identified potential contraband “hits,” but the search turned up no actual drugs or items not permitted on school grounds.

The first notice that an operation was underway was via an emailed letter to parents from WHS principal, Dr. Robert O’Donnell.

At 9:15 this morning, Wilton High School is initiating a planned emergency operations lockout drill. This is a drill. The perimeter doors to the school will be locked during the drill. Nobody will be able to enter or exit the school. Students will be kept in classrooms during the drill and instruction will continue as usual. I will send a subsequent e-mail this morning announcing that the drill has been completed and that people may enter the school.

After school was dismissed, O’Donnell sent a second message to parents:

The health and safety of our Wilton High School community is paramount. Today, our lockout drill was completed very successfully as we secured the perimeter of the school building in an effort to be prepared for an outside threat that could potentially enter the school building.

Concurrent to this lockout drill, WHS and District administrators conducted a canine search for contraband in accordance with Board of Education Policy 5142. Seven police canine units scanned all school lockers, including physical education lockers. These units also scanned student cars parked in the north and south parking lots. The dogs identified a number of potential areas for contraband. Our administrators searched all of the lockers and cars that the dogs identified. I am pleased to report that we found no contraband on the school campus.

Thank you for your support of our school as we collaborate with the Wilton Police Department to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

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