One Wilton man has Wilton Police to be thankful for. The day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, Nov. 23, at approximately 8:40 p.m., Wilton Police pulled Hunter Stansfield, 26, from his car, which had caught fire after running off the roadway and striking several trees near 198 New Canaan Rd..

Now, the department has released dash cam video of the rescue captured from one of the police vehicle’s on-board camera systems. They also released photos of the aftermath.

After responding to a report of a person trapped inside of a vehicle that was on fire, officers arrived on scene to find a 2001 Range Rover that had run off the roadway and on fire after striking several trees. Stansfield was trapped inside unable to extricate himself from the crushed interior. Unable to open the side doors, officers were eventually able to gain entry to the car through the rear hatch, and were able to hold back flames using fire extinguishers, eventually freeing Stansfield from the car before the fire engulfed the entire vehicle.

The Wilton Fire Department arrived on scene and took over extinguishing the fire. Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps EMS and paramedics also responded to the crash to treat Stansfield, who was transported to Norwalk Hospital with minor injuries.

Six officers were involved in the rescue effort:  Sgt. Arnault Baker, Sgt. David Hartman, Sgt. Gregg Phillipson, Ofc. Mark Canepari, Ofc. Brandon Harris and Ofc. Malcolm Hayes. According to Capt. John Lynch, one officer cut his hand during the rescue effort and was treated by EMS for his injuries at the scene.

The investigation as to what caused the single car crash is ongoing, say police, and the case is currently classified as a criminal investigation.

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