Each year, high-achieving Wilton High School students in theater, music, and art are recognized at the Fine and Performing Arts (FAPA) Awards ceremony. On Wednesday, May 26, the ceremony was held — in-person — in the Clune Auditorium for awarded students and their families.

An in-person audience of WHS FAPA award winners and their guests attended the 2021 Fine and Performing Arts Awards.

In addition to recognition from teachers, several awards were bestowed by town organizations including Wilton Children’s Theatre, Weir Farm, The Greens at Cannondale, and the WHS PTSA.

Each year, one student is awarded the prestigious Fine and Performing Arts Award Scholarship, for demonstrating exemplary dedication, leadership, and passion for the arts for all four years. This award is sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters and the Theater Arts Association (TAA). The winner must be involved with at least three separate art departments at WHS. The 2021 Fine and Performing Arts Award was presented to Mickey Wilcox. 

The 2021 Fine and Performing Arts Award was presented to Mickey Wilcox.

The numerous other award winners are listed below:

Music Awards

*Denotes music scholarship awards sponsored by the WHS Music Boosters

CAS Music Award: Lily Mikita

Junior Book Award for Music: Matthew Huang


PTSA Book Award for Band:  Isabelle Braten

Director’s Award for Band, sponsored by Dr. David F Clune in honor of John Rhodes: Ian Kineon

Louis Armstrong National Jazz Award, sponsored by the Ambler Trust in honor of John Rhodes: Isadore Palacpac

John Philip Sousa National Band Award, sponsored by the Ambler Trust in honor of Chip Gawle: Jacob Arnowitz


PTSA Book Award: Ryan Lynn

Director’s Award for Chorus*: Brycen Addison

National School Choral Awards**: Rachel Slater and Michael Biondo

Wilton Singers Scholarships, sponsored by the Wilton Singers: Thomas Petrillo and Brielle Flavin


PTSA Book Award for Orchestra:  Matthew Koleszar

Director’s Award for Orchestra**: Grace Stapkowski

National School Orchestra Award sponsored by the Ambler Trust in honor of Marty Meade: Nathan Wang

Art Awards

CAS Art Award: Sam McDonald

AP Students Portfolios: Kyle Aleks, Daniella Coltman, Mary Emerson, Sarah Gassel, Jordan Huff, Mairead Kehoe, Meredith Mobyed, Samantha Nichols, Christina O’Sullivan, Hannah Andress Pettibone, Owen Pettit, Abigail Ricketts, Luke Schwartz, Mihika Shukla, Aidan Thornbrough, Giana Zaccone, Zoey Araquel

Scholastic Art Award Winners: Taylor Felipe, Daniella Coltman, Zoey Araquel, Colton Hall

The Greens and Meadows Holiday Card Award: Mary Emerson

Ambler Trust Scholarship in honor of Rusty Hurd: Zoey Araquel

Ambler Trust Scholarship in honor of Chip Gawle: Kyle Aleks

Robert Lassen Award: Sarah Gassel

Echelon Awards: Samantha Nichols and Aliana Rivas

Friends of Weir Farm Award: Connor Healey

Charles A. Dana Award: Mary Emerson

PTSA Book Awards

Ceramics:  Zoey Araquel

Photography: Christina O’Sullivan and Eli Grass

Sculpture: Davis Cote

Digital Media: Nicole Zollino

Drawing: Rory Hess

Computer Graphics: Emily D’Onofrio

PTA Reflections Awards

PTA Reflections Contest: Mary Emerson, Meredith Mobyed, Mihika Shukla, and Anika Bhagavatula

Theater Awards

PTSA Book Awards: Anton Rushevich and Liz Johnson

Wilton Children’s Theater Awards: Connor Allen, Sarah Bates, and Michael Biondo

Theater Arts Association (TAA) Awards: Sarah Bates and Ryan Witty

The Yes, And… Award: Liv Becraft and Mairead Kehoe

Batting Average Improv Award: Jake Eagan

Little Theater Company Scholarship: Michael Biondo

2020 Rookie of the Year: Illeas Paschalidis

The Golden Curtain Award: Ryan Lynn

The Producer’s Award: Casey Schu and Jake Arnowitz

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