Over the Labor Day weekend, the Wilton Kiwanis Club was busy in front of Stop & Shop and the Village Market asking for grocery gift cards and cash from the Wilton community for the Wilton Food Pantry. The result was an all-time high collection totaling $13,350 to support food-insecure Wilton residents.

“I want to express our sincere thanks to the Wilton community, Stop & Shop, and the Village Market as well as all of the dedicated members of the Kiwanis Club who gave their time (and fundraising skills) to ensure this extremely generous contribution to the Wilton Food Pantry,” Lauren Hughes, Wilton Social Services coordinator, said.

Den Taylor, President of the Kiwanis, praised the Wilton community members for always being willing to help their friends and neighbors in need. “The Kiwanis Club has conducted quarterly food drives for more than a decade and the people of Wilton have never failed to open their hearts to share their good fortune with others,” he said, also commending the leadership of Kiwanis member Tom Connors for recruiting volunteer greeters and managing the effort during a holiday weekend when many members were out of town.

“This was the first time since pre-COVID that Stop & Shop was able to join the Village Market in allowing us to seek donations in front of their stores, so we knew it would be a great opportunity to reach generous Wilton shoppers,” Connors said. “Many of the Kiwanis greeters who volunteered worked more than one shift.”

Kiwanis greeters included Taylor, Bill Brennan, Peg Koellmer, Ross Tartell, Ray Moskow, Jerry Sprole, Bill Mathews, Mike Vest, Ken Ogasawara, Jack McFadden, Dave Gortz, Dagny Eason, Day Shields, Mary Anne Franco, Suzanne Verrilli, Greg Perry, and Connors.

Wilton Kiwanis always welcomes others who are interested in experiencing the joy of service and fellowship. Visit the Wilton Kiwanis Club website for more information on membership.