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Local Republicans are Silent on President Trump’s Attempt to Overturn 2020 Election

To the Editor:

Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn an election he knew he had lost is unprecedented and frightening. The resistance to his scheme by state officials in Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania, among other places, many of them Republican, was courageous.

But where are local Republicans? They either continue to support Trump or are afraid to speak against him. One candidate for state office told me she didn’t think the topic was relevant. She wanted to put the “narrative” behind us — this with the Jan. 6 hearings ongoing, and the question of whether the former President should be able to hold another office was yet to be decided.

I know where Democrats — Secretary of the State candidate Stephanie Thomas, State Senate candidate Ceci Maher and State Assembly candidate Keith Denning — come down. They’ve been very vocal about it. I know they will stand against tyrannical efforts like these and be the firewall Connecticut needs to keep our elections fair and free. The silence of local Republicans on the subject of Trump’s scheme speaks volumes, I’m afraid.

Bob Carney

Ceci Maher for State Senate — She’s ‘Unmatchable’

To the Editor:

I’m happy to support Ceci Maher in her bid for State Senator representing the 26th District.

As our nation faces eroding rights from the Supreme Court, we must elect leaders at a local level who will stand strong for our reproductive freedoms, ensure that mental healthcare is accessible to all and fight for the protection of our planet.

Ceci’s decades of work and lifetime residence in Fairfield County make her an unmatchable representative for Wilton in Hartford. I urge my neighbors to support Ceci on Nov. 8.

Michele Bennett

Toni Boucher is “Clear Choice” for State Senate

To the Editor:

I am endorsing Toni Boucher as the best-qualified candidate for the 26th State Senate District seat. Toni has represented the interests of Wilton in Hartford for many years as both Representative and State Senator and is best qualified to do so again.

My government experience with Toni is when we called her each year to brief our Board of Finance on state budget and policy issues affecting our Wilton Town budget. She was well-informed, detail-oriented, and always prepared for any questions we would ask of her.

Toni demonstrated all the qualities we would want in our State Senator — initiative, drive, knowledge of actual government workings, superior relationship management, preparedness, integrity, and an ability to “get along with others to get things done.”

I have also had the chance to serve on the Board of Finance with her Democratic opponent.   Unfortunately, her opponent doesn’t possess the same qualities mentioned above in which Toni excels.

Toni Bucher is the clear choice for Wilton in the 26th State Senate District.


Jeffrey Rutishauser

Vote for Kim Healy for “Proven Leadership, Tangible Results”

To the Editor:

Connecticut’s Financial Situation is Dire…

Electing those that are proven and represent your value system and priorities is paramount to each of us, regardless of your gender, race, religious beliefs, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. We have the opportunity to vote for proven leadership with tangible results in the brand new 42nd State Representative District. Kim Healy is that person. She represents a pro-growth economy with transparent financial accountability and without new taxes and unnecessary regulations. Kim, a seasoned CPA, has decades of public accounting experience as a financial services leader and has been committed to community volunteerism at all levels for most of her adult life. She will hold those in Hartford to make decisions based upon facts and insist upon prudent planning, budgeting, and monitoring. It’s time to do what is right, not just what is easy. Vote wisely. Vote for Kim Healy.

Anna Marie Bilella

Ceci Maher, Keith Denning will Fight for Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights and Strong Gun Laws

To the Editor:

Wilton is a wonderful town, and we want to keep it growing and prosperous. The best way to accomplish that is to elect qualified, experienced candidates who care about our town. Ceci Maher has spent her entire life in our community and has over 20 years of experience leading nonprofits, volunteering and holding public office. Keith Denning is a [nurse] Anesthetist who has served on medical missions throughout the world and has worked with many organizations to find healthcare and housing solutions and helped to relocate refugees. They will fight to safeguard reproductive rights, seek to increase LGBTQ+ rights, keep our gun laws strong and our best-in-state education system thriving.  Vote for a positive voice for Wilton. Democracy depends on you! Vote Blue in ’22!

Jim Kapustka

Democracy Depends on You, vote Blue

To the Editor:

Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz delivered huge accomplishments guiding us through the pandemic, reversing the state’s financial challenges, reducing taxes, and investing in schools, safety, and infrastructure.

William Tong is on the front lines of many of the most important issues of our time and we need him as Attorney General.

I’ve known Sean Scanlon for years. He’ll be an outstanding Comptroller and we should send Erick Russell as Treasurer.

Stephanie Thomas has proven herself as a State Representative for Wilton, Norwalk, and Westport. Let’s elect her as our next Secretary of State.

Ceci Maher was handpicked by Will Haskell to replace him as a State Senator. Ceci has experience as an executive director of non-profit organizations. She knows the area well, having grown up in the 26th District.

Keith Denning has been knocking on doors for months — meeting residents and learning about the issues most concerning to residents. Let’s send him as the State Representative in the new 42nd District.

Jim Himes should be returned as our Congressman, in the 4th Congressional District. He’s been an articulate voice on our behalf.

Judge Doug Stern should be re-elected.

Democracy depends on YOU, vote BLUE in ’22.

Deb McFadden
Former Selectwoman
Former DTC Chair

Toni Boucher and Kim Healy will Protect Schools, are Committed to Stopping Regionalization  

To The Editor:

Education is the prime driver of the engine of Wilton, accounting for roughly two-thirds of our town’s budget and largely determining the attractiveness of our town compared with our neighbors in Fairfield County. It is probably the largest influence on our home values outside of the general tri-State economy. As our schools go, so does Wilton.

Having public servants on the front lines of the policy creation process who are committed to stopping regionalization of our school system, and who are devoted to local control of Wilton’s schools, is the bulwark that will protect our community for the future.

On Nov. 8, Wiltonians should cast their ballots for Toni Boucher for State Senate and Kim Healy for State Representative. No other candidates running for State office this Fall embody the ideals — and have demonstrated the commitment — to preserving Wilton’s educational system and stopping Hartford’s encroachment in our community. Local problems call for local solutions.


Noah Littin

Toni Boucher will Protect Local Control and Parental Involvement in Schools

To the Editor:

I am writing in strong support of Toni Boucher’s candidacy for the 26th district state senate seat. Toni’s years of leadership and experience in the public and private sectors will be a tremendous benefit to the people of the 26th district. Toni’s energy and passion for public service are unparalleled and make her the best candidate to represent the interests and needs of all of the municipalities within the 26th district. Toni, as a former Board of Education member in Wilton and a commissioner of the CT State Board of Education, has a record of working to protect local control of education and parental involvement in our schools. Additionally, Toni is committed to working to achieve meaningful, long-term tax relief for the people of Connecticut through the elimination of taxes and regulations that have stifled small business growth and job creation. Toni understands that Connecticut cannot rely upon budgetary gimmicks and sporadic federal stimulus dollars for long-term growth. Please join me in voting for Toni Boucher on Nov. 8.

Anthony L. Cenatiempo

Kim Healy is Committed to Local Matters

To the Editor:

I have known Kim Healy for over four years. You probably know her too. Maybe you know her through the Wilton Library, where she has been a champion of the free exchange of ideas. Or perhaps you met her in her role of mother-of-four class or sports volunteer; or at any of the number of legislative hearings where she provided testimony in the defense of local control of schools.

Maybe you met her in the performance of her diligent work directly for the Town of Wilton as a Conservation Commissioner, or as a Selectwoman.

Or maybe you were alone, and struggling with ever-changing tax laws and were lucky enough to benefit from Kim’s expertise as a volunteer tax-preparer with AARP.

No matter how your life may have been touched by Kim, it was no doubt for the better. She is a generous leader who brings the rigor of her background as CPA auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers wherever she goes, wherever she can help.

Kim will fight for smarter, accountable government spending as a member of District 42, which is why she will have my vote in November for Connecticut State Representative.

Hella McSweeney

Our Town, State … and Schools … Need Toni Boucher

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Toni Boucher for Connecticut State Senate. As a mom of two children in the Wilton Public Schools and especially as a member of the Wilton Board of Education, I understand firsthand how important it is to invest time and capital in our schools. Toni has a history of investing in education at both the primary and secondary levels for Connecticut. It is imperative that towns like Wilton are able to protect local control of education and prioritize parent involvement in our schools, Toni has a history of doing just that.  She has been named “Children’s Champion” by the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance on SEVEN different occasions. Toni is a former Board of Education, State Board of Education and Legislative Education Committee member.  She fought against HB7192 and any other bills or studies of mandated school regionalization. Our town needs Toni, our state needs Toni and most important of all, our schools need Toni. Please consider voting for Toni Boucher this election.

Mandy Schmauch

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  1. As per the letter from Bob Carney – I too have asked my local State Representative about supporting Trump and his MAGAs but unfortunately, I haven’t received a response.

    As for those R’s running locally – please keep in mind that several of them were out in front of the others with their “red herring” issues including the teaching of CRT which is not even taught in our schools or any other schools! In my opinion, these are people with a Trumpian-type of agenda and that is very dangerous for all of us!

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