Wilton’s First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice posted her nightly update on Monday evening. She shared some statistics that should alarm people, and she reiterated–in detail–reminders for social distancing.

“The rapid spread of the virus has not slowed and will continue. Statewide, Connecticut is experiencing a positive test rate of 13% versus less than 8% nationally. The NYC area, to the south of us, is experiencing a rate of 28%. That area’s rapid growth is fueling Connecticut’s. Push back! Whatever your age or medical condition, for your safety, your family’s and your community’s, please continue to behave as if you have the virus and as if those around you do as well.

  • Maintain a distance of 6 ft. between you and another person. This standard applies whether inside or outside.
  • Consolidate your shopping and errands to minimize the numbers of days you must leave your home.
  • Please do not run to the store every time you hear a delivery has arrived. Widespread overbuying is the major cause of shortages. With businesses and schools closed and not ordering, new supply chains are open.
  • Take advantage of the delivery options offered by many Wilton businesses.
  • Practice your team sport on your own, not with your teammates. The internet is full of videos and suggestions on how to do this.
  • Do walk outside. If your street is walkable, please consider walking there rather than a public trail. When the NRVT parking lot, or that of another trail, is more than 50% full, please find another place to walk. There are 127 miles of town-owned roads, more than 80 private roads and more than 3 miles of sidewalk on state-owned roads.
  • Please respect the town’s closure of fields and recreation facilities.

Vanderslice also relayed the updated numbers of positive cases, for Wilton, Fairfield County and statewide. The numbers were provided by the CT Department of Public Health (DPH).

“DPH reports 10 laboratory-confirmed cases for Wilton, 270 for Fairfield County and 415 statewide. There have been 10 deaths, six of which are in Fairfield County. We continue to believe DPH’s Wilton case numbers are understated due to a lag in reporting. If you have received a confirmed or presumptive positive test and you have not been contacted by the Wilton Health Department, please contact the department.

Volunteer Network

Vanderslice mentioned a volunteer network, Wilton Helping Hands, led by Peg Koellmer, has been organized to address the needs of Wilton’s most vulnerable population. “There are many ways to volunteer at a social distance, from doorstep drop off of basic necessities or making daily calls or sending emails. To volunteer, please call 203.451.8447. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please contact Director of Social Services Sarah Heath via email.”

Essential vs. Non-Essential Business Closings

Vanderslice wrote, “The Governor’s prohibition on in-person functions for non-essential businesses and not-for-profits became effective [Monday night] at 8 p.m.. Inquiries and appeals by business owners will be entertained. A new page, with coronavirus focused small business resources, is now on the town website.”

She also mentioned that she received many inquiries from residents about golf courses, including private clubs. “They are classified as non-essential and are closed as of this evening.”