First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice released her daily update for Saturday, March 21. In it she announced the number of positive cases in Wilton and addressed why Wilton has abandoned one-day testing for residents.

Wilton Cases Now at 4

Following on the heels of the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) finally releasing case tallies by town Saturday, Vanderslice released Wilton’s current number of confirmed coronavirus cases.

“Many of you have been reaching out asking about the number of coronavirus cases in Wilton. As I have written before, we have been hesitant to release any numbers because we aren’t confident in the numbers. Confirmed cases should be reported to us from the CT DPH, but with strain on the system, we have been asking residents to contact us if they have a confirmed or presumptive test,” Vanderslice wrote, adding, “Health Director Barry Bogle then seeks to confirm any reported test with the state. With that in mind, as of Friday, Wilton had four confirmed cases and one or more we are seeking to confirm.”

Finding out how many people have tested positive doesn’t change the message, though.

“No matter the number of cases or the number of residents tested, the message is the same:  behave as if you have the virus and those around you do too.”

One-Day Testing in Wilton “Abandoned”

Vanderslice says the town will no longer pursue working with any organization to set up one-day, drive-through testing in Wilton.

“I previously shared that we had been investigating one-day testing in Wilton for residents, but we abandoned that for two reasons. One, as included in Friday night’s e-alert, testing is no longer a means to slow the spread of the virus. Two, we would have been required to provide personnel protective equipment (PPE), which is in short supply and which we honestly can’t spare without potential risk to our emergency responders or the residents they serve. With 20 hospitals now performing tests, they are more available,” Vanderslice explained.

Don’t Forget About Wilton Businesses

Vanderslice reminded residents again about supporting local businesses, especially in light of Gov. Lamont‘s order for non-essential businesses to close or work from home.

“Sunday night, we will learn the details behind the nonessential businesses being ordered to close on Monday evening, March 23. Please do not forget about these Wilton businesses. Pick up what you need Sunday or Monday. Many are already offering ways you can shop without being in the store and may be able to continue do so after Monday. Purchase gift cards now to use later to help them pay their rent and other fixed costs. Please consider it now and during the weeks ahead,” Vanderslice wrote.

Recognizing Wilton Town and School Employees

“Lastly, I want to recognize our Town and BOE employees who have done an amazing job keeping the town running and our students learning. In a crisis, people are tested. Emergency Management Director and Chief of Police John Lynch has been strong and knowledgeable. His calm leadership and that of his two captains, Captain Tom Conlan and Captain Rob Cipolla, have helped all us stay focused. Health Director Barry Bogle has served the community well with his conservative approach from day one. We are grateful for Interim Fire Chief Geoff Herald’s and Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corp President John Miscioscia’s leadership of their respective operations. School and Town personnel have worked collaboratively, with people pitching in to help even if it isn’t in their job description. It’s the collaborative spirit among the Town department heads, their staff and union leadership that has allowed the job to get the work done.

“Every day is different, but an important part of our focus is always to ensure that residents, who need assistance, are being served and that we are doing what needs to be done to ensure the safety of our emergency personnel, their families and Wilton’s residents. I am so incredibly proud of and grateful for our employees and our volunteers.”