The following is a press release from the Wilton Democratic Town Committee:

Wilton Democrats, friends and family joined crowds numbering in the tens of thousands at the Women’s March 2018 rallies in New York and Hartford Saturday, Jan. 20, endorsing this year’s theme of “Power at the Polls.”

A group of about 25 Wilton residents, led by selectwoman Deb McFadden, and coordinated by the Democratic Town Committee’s Jackie Kremer, traveled by train from Norwalk to the New York City March, which numbered over 100,000. They were among several other residents who reported attending the event.  A smaller group of local Democrats joined together to march in Hartford.

“The significance of the march goes beyond politics and even gender. It was a demonstration for human rights and American values,” says McFadden. “It was a statement that we will not be silent when challenged.”

The March this year encouraged women to become more involved in the support of progressive candidates—or becoming candidates themselves.

Tom Gunther, newly elected Democrat on the Zoning Board of Appeals, who accompanied his wife, Virginia and daughter, Nicole, said he was deeply moved by the experience. “It is inspiring to know that belief in Democracy exists and can unite us like this.”


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