Even though the Wilton Democratic Town Committee had to delay their caucus to endorse new members by one week, they finally did so Tuesday night, Jan. 16. Tom Dubin, acting DTC chair, reports that 31 registered Democrats were approved unanimously by acclamation and are now the official endorsed members for 2018-2020.

Among the endorsed candidates (listed below) there are five either new or first-time members (in bold font on the list); three DTC members from 2016-2018 did not run for re-election. In total, the DTC gained two new members, up from its previous count of 29 members.

Because the DTC is now eligible to seat 34 members in total, there are still three more open spots, which can be filled at any point after the new session starts.

New members won’t be seated until after March 6. That’s when, like their Republican counterparts, the DTC can call its first meeting and elect new officers.

The endorsed members are:

Thomas Burgess
Paul Burnham
Bob Carney
Richard Creeth
Tom Dubin
Max Fanwick
Patti Frisch
Ken Hoffman
Ted Hoffstatter
Leslie Holmes
Florence Johnson
John Kalamarides
Jackie Kremer
Charles Lewis
Alison Mark
Diane Martucci
Deborah McFadden
Jeffrey Miller
Tracy Murray
Ernest Ricco
Richard Ricco
Valerie Rosenson
Victoria Rossi
Bob Sabo
Laura Schwemm
Peter Squitieri
Ross Tartell
Hermon Telyan
Daniel Troph
Steven Wall
Brad Williams

UPDATE:  The story has been updated to reflect that any open seats could be filled after March 6.