The Wilton High School Model Congress proved itself yet again as a commanding force during this weekend’s four day 2017 Harvard Model Congress Conference. Over 1,500 students from 77 schools across the United States ventured to Boston in order to participate and compete in a United States Federal governmental simulation. Wilton’s Model Congress students compete annually at the Harvard Model Congress competition.

After four days of intense debate, discussion, and compromise, the WHS delegation was once again recognized for its outstanding performance. The Model Congress Warriors participated in simulations ranging from the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives, the Obama Presidential Cabinet, the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1778, the National Governors Association and the U.S. Supreme Court. Students took on the personas of contemporary U.S. governmental leaders and prominent policy makers such as Sen. John McCain and former U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo. Students worked from the early morning to late at night crafting policy solutions, delivering speeches, and reaching compromises in order to pass their policies through their committee sessions and full chambers.

Eight students from all four grades were awarded for their achievements at Harvard Model Congress, many of whom were recognized as a top delegate in committees that held over sixty other students:

Best Delegate Awards:

Cameron Berg, House Education and the Workforce Committee
Randy Ramirez, Presidential Cabinet
Alexander Rappaport, Constitutional Convention
Michael Wallace, House Committee on Intelligence

Honorable Mention Awards:

Purab Angreji, House Judiciary Committee
Rushil Jha, House Foreign Affairs Committee
PJ Seelert, Senate Committee on Intelligence
Tony Wilcox, Senate Armed Services Committee

The Wilton High School Model Congress students have built a reputation of being professional and influential leaders at the conference. Over the years, they have honed their inquiry skills and their ability to interpret complex issues while communicating solutions and building consensus to the domestic and global problems presented at each conference. Their work this past weekend exemplifies the Wilton High School Warrior spirit of excellence.