It’s almost always a GOOD thing when you decide to stretch your wings and fly on your own.

That’s what Dr. Patrick Buckley, who has been working as a physical therapist in Wilton for over five years, decided to do in opening up his own physical therapy center, Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy. He had been working with Moore Physical Therapy in south Wilton, which was recently purchased by Professional Physical Therapy, a large provider that has a network of 78 centers in the Northeast.

“There have been big corporations coming in and buying out the mom and pops, and I think that changes a lot of how health care is done, especially in the physical therapy world,” Buckley says. “I just didn’t think it was a good fit for me. And I don’t think that it is a good fit for the town of Wilton. I think they deserve better than big corporations. I think the little mom and pops still have the ability to exist and thrive. And that is what I want to do,” Buckley says.

Sitting in his office at 396 Danbury Rd. across from Wilton High School, Buckley clearly is excited about opening on July 25. He’s been working hard getting everything set up to begin welcoming patients. Dynamic Edge will provide physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, neuromuscular rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, and musculoskeletal exams.

Buckley began his career as an athletic trainer for a professional baseball team in Brockton, MA. He then earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. He also became certified golf performance specialist through Nike Golf and the Gray Institute.

“Athletics were always an important part of my life, and I didn’t want to give that up,” recalls Buckley, who played eleven years of football and experienced physical therapy himself as an athlete numerous times. “I knew I wanted to stay with an active population, something that allowed me to continue being around athletes. And I wanted to get people better, to provide those with injuries the outstanding quality of care I received when I was a physical therapy patient.”

He hopes his approach to treatment and patient care is encapsulated in the name he chose for his practice, Dynamic Edge.

“I wanted something that was evolving and changing and always kind of personalized. It’s not a stagnant program or a stagnant thing that you do every day as a physical therapist or as a patient, so I wanted something that was moving and dynamic. I also wanted to be on the edge, because a lot of the services that we are going to supply are going to be on the cutting edge side. We’re going to be doing things that are different than your average PT place,” Buckley explains.

Some of those alternative approaches may include therapies like dry needling, soft tissue mobilization by cupping and manual techniques in addition to exercise.

Buckley has some guidance for how to choose a physical therapist. He says that in addition to considering whether a practitioner takes a particular insurance, it’s also about feeling connected to that person.

“Every physical therapy clinic or doctor’s office or dentist office is different. Walking in and meeting the staff and your PT even before you do an evaluation, is a great way to feel comfortable, and to develop a relationship with that person, is key. I plan on building this business through relationships, and I think this is the most important way to do that. I get to know my patients. I try and become friends with my patients. I want to know them and their families and their kids. I think it’s important to walk into a place, feel comfortable, but also get the appropriate care that you deserve. If that means coming in and interviewing me before you come for an appointment, I’ll do that,” he says.

Because the state of CT considers physical therapists to be a doctoring profession, patients don’t necessarily need to get a physician’s prescription (although Medicare is an exception), and Buckley says many people don’t know that.

“We’re basically authorized to treat up to 30 days, or 10 visits, roughly depending on the insurance, without a prescription from a doctor. If we feel that there is need for further evaluation, then we refer that patient out to possibly get a prescription or to get further evaluated to see why they aren’t getting better.”

But above all else, Buckley says he’s excited to have his practice in Wilton—where coincidentally his wife, Lauren Buckley, is a Cider Mill school counselor.

“I love Wilton. Wilton is one of those towns where you feel the love. As large of a town it is, everybody seems to have some sort of connection. Whether it is the schools, or sports. It is an active community.  There is a good number of aging population in Wilton which I think really needs help too. And there is a good number of young families in Wilton. It’s a great mix. This community is one that cares about the health of its citizens, and I think that it’s a great town to be in.”

For more information about Dynamic Edge Physiotherapy or to schedule an exam, please contact Dr. Patrick Buckley at 203.978.3343 or via e-mail.