On Wednesday, July 18, after several months of planning, the Wilton Police Department participated in a “Statewide Warrant Sweep Operation,” along with over 90 municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies in Connecticut. The targets of this operation were individuals who were currently wanted on felony and misdemeanor outstanding arrest warrants incurred during official state investigations. All arrest warrants served were for State of Connecticut charges and pertain to crimes in violation of Connecticut General Statutes. In total, this operation netted the arrest of 197 wanted persons who were fugitives from justice.

The Wilton Police Department was able to make arrests of four local residents, three of whom were wanted on misdemeanor 2nd degree failure to appear charges, and a fourth who was wanted on a failure to respond charge related to a motor vehicle violation.

The operation commenced pre-dawn with each participating agency conducting sweeps for wanted persons within their jurisdiction. The State Police provided each participating agency with updated intelligence on these wanted persons in order to conduct safe, timely, and accurate apprehensions. All warrants served in relation to this operation will be referred to a local superior court associated to their jurisdiction.

According to a press release issued by Wilton Police, the coordinated mass effort was meant to help state law enforcement ensure a cost effective method of serving outstanding warrants:

“This operation is a stellar example of collaboration to uphold the judicial system which demands fugitives from justice are presented with an opportunity to a speedy and fair trial. Likewise, we have capitalized on this opportunity to enhance community safety by removing proven and potentially dangerous fugitives from the streets. Furthermore, this operation shows the commitment and the spirit of cooperation amongst the law the enforcement community, which will no doubt continue after the conclusion of this operation. This operation illustrates the necessity of working together, and by doing so, can make Connecticut a safer state for all.”

The four Wilton residents arrested during the operation were:

  • Brian Kovacs, 40, arrested at his Brookside Pl. home for an outstanding 2nd degree failure to appear charge, and held on a $7,500 bond. The warrant stemmed from a 2012 arrest for failure to obey a stop sign, and operating a motor vehicle under Suspension in which he failed to show up for his court date. The warrant was issued in Sept. 2017.
  • Michael Waldman, 59, was arrested at his Wildwood Dr. home and released on a $2,500 bond. The original charges he faced in Aug. 2015 were for operating a motor vehicle under suspension and failure to return his license. He failed to show up for his court date and a warrant was issued in May 2016.
  • Nathaniel Andrews, 30, turned himself in on an active PRAWN warrant, and was charged with failure to respond to a violation. The charge stems from motor vehicle violations that Andrews was charged with in Nov. 2016. He was released on a $495 cash bond.
  • Edward Woodcock, 73, was arrested at his New St. home, processed at the Police department and released on a $500 bond. Woodcock was originally arrested in Aug. 2015 by the Danbury Police Department on a 6th degree larceny charged and failed to appear in court.