Following through on a promise made in the days following protests against racial injustice and bias, the area police departments, including the Wilton Police Department, will be co-hosting a virtual town hall for community members to ask questions and express concerns.

The Community for Peace & Unity Town Hall will be held on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, from 7-9 p.m. as a virtual meeting via Zoom.

The event is being held under the umbrella of the Norwalk NAACP, as part of the NAACP Task Force for Peace. Co-hosting with the police chiefs from surrounding towns will be the State’s Attorney’s Office. It is billed as an open dialogue between the community and the law enforcement groups “to voice concerns and ask those pressing questions necessary to begin to change police interactions with people of color.”

A flyer distributed by Wilton Police includes the following description of the event:  “Together, we must move from the seat of indifference and silence to stand up and speak out against systemic racism and injustice wherever it lives. Change is on the horizon…Protest with a purpose… Use our voices to realize the vision…that one day we will all truly be free and equal.”