Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the one-week period from Aug. 27-Sept. 3, 2021, Town Clerk Lori Kabak reported 16 properties transferred to new owners.

That is among the highest number of transactions in a single week recorded this year.

One of the properties (shown in photo at top) was a commercial building at 17 Danbury Rd., which was sold by G&M Investors, LLC, to Radico Properties, LLC, for $942,000. G&M had held the property since 2011.

Located across from Gateway Shopping Center, the building has roughly 2,500 square feet of commercial/retail space, divided among three tenants — Goodwill Wilton Donation Station, Uncle Leo’s Not Just Coffee and Donuts, and Healthy Massage.

Of the 15 residential properties that transferred to new owners, five sold for $1 million or more, including one that exceeded $2 million.

Properties above the $2 million mark have been sold in four of the last five weeks.

Among the recorded transfers of more affordable properties of the past week were two units at Wilton Crest, which sold for $472,800 and $557,000, respectively.
Important:  Please note the Town Clerk’s report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are available on the town website.

GMW makes an effort to find current photos, from recent real estate listings, websites such as Zillow.com, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, photos may be from previous real estate listings, or from town appraisal/land records.

5 Powder Horn Hill Road: Mary Kate Delattre to David P. and Emily Branning, for $2,150,000

7 Ryders Lane: Diane L. and Frederick M. Harley, III, to Matthew R. and Lynn T. Wisnieff, for $1,179,000

42 Langner Lane: Jacqueline Q. Vincent (TR) to Ryan and Catherine Walsh, for $980,000

25 Deacons Lane: Jeanne H. Robertson (TR) to Christopher and Shannon Taliercio, for $1,549,000

39 Scarlett Oak Drive: Bruce M. and Anne D. Hoelzl to American International Relocation Solutions, for $1,030,000

22 Old Wagon Road: Jeffrey A. and Linda P. Spiewak to Ryan and Kristen Holman, for $735,000

131 Old Kingdom Road: James G. and Denise M. Miller to Brydon and Mirna Fajardo and Benitez Fajardo

81 Coley Road: James M. Sabino (TR) to William Whitman and Katherine Sabbagh, for $630,000

53 Wilton Crest: Robert and Gail Heistand to Arlene Dolin, for $472,800

940 Ridgefield Road: Bruce Howard and Suanne Hope Dorfman to Matthew Maioriello and Laura Jung, for $723,000

160 Skunk Lane: 160 Skunk Lane, LLC, to Amit and Manasvi B. Sood, for $1,600,000

19 Wilton Crest: Maxine T. Braten to Reka Judit Szalay and Marton Sigmond, for $557,000

2 Wilton Hunt: Wayne J. and Carol M. Balfanz to Yuriy Peregon and Galyna Lavruk, for $665,000

80 Borglum Road: David S. Borglum (EST) to Felicia Borglum-Lamond, for $450,000

30 Woodchuck Lane: Peter A. Leburn to Albert Masajo Beltrano, for $750,000