160 Belden Hill Road was the property with the highest selling price in the two-week period from Dec. 4-17, 2020

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the two-week period from Dec. 4-17, 2020, there were 18 properties that changed hands, including seven that sold for $1 million or more. The highest selling price exceeded $2.1 million. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) are listed below.

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are also available on the town website.

82 Pheasant Run Road: Baker D. and Jody D. Mallory to Mark and Michelina Giuilani, for $1,055,000

27 Tito Lane: Penny Wong to Evan Sheftel and Maria Gambino, for $1,000,000

35 Wicks End Lane: Burton Spivak to Regan W. and Richard A. Hayes, Jr., for $1,130,000

25 Wilton Acres (lot): Kalyana Gude to Gentian Piroli, for $200,000

86 Graenest Ridge Road: Michael C. and Min X. Morris to Eric A. Pennino and Bridgette A. Christie, for $865,000

145 Skunk Lane: 145 SL Holdings, LLC, to John Alibrandi, for $285,000

160 Belden Hill Road: Andrew P. and Susan M. DiLoreto to Patrick E. and Brook G. Connors, for $2,108,000

196 Mountain Road (lot): Douglas R. Weiskopf, David E. Weiskopf and Donald S. and Catherine E. Liebermann to Franco Iannone, for $275,000

193 Branch Brook Road: Lori G. Davis to Rachel and Raul Echeverz, Jr., for $839,000

6 West Wind Lane: Richard C. and Cindy R. Hodgdon to Michael and Meredith Messina, for $1,150,000

1 Collinswood Road: John David Horn to Aaron A. and Julie P. Fossi, for $1,125,000

29 Village Walk: Jessika Naranjo to 29 Walkway, LLC, for $235,000

15 Sharp Hill Road: Michael J. and Maureen A. Deacy to Joey Docil and Eileen McCarthy, for $475,000

18 Turner Ridge Court: Eileen Ann and R. Gerard Nolan, Sr., to Carmelo Carrozza and Kristin Raho, for $1,149,900

30 Keelers Ridge Road: Barbara A. Lamb to Mark and Heidi Newcombe, for $860,000

95 Seir Hill Road: Christopher and Elizabeth Chambers to Zackary Ingerman and Ziann Lee, for $945,000

197 Catalpa Road: Jonathan and Susan Saxon to Oi M. Lam and Yuen Y. Tai, for $721,000

96 Portland Avenue: John Nannariello to Zachary Plunkett and Emily Evans-Migliacci, for $582,000