Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the one-week period from Feb. 3-9, 2023Town Clerk Lori Kaback reported three residential properties transferred to new owners — a pace that has been very consistent since the start of the new year.

The three single-family homes ranged in price from $839,000 to $1,765,000.

No condominiums or commercial properties changed hands during the one-week period.

Important: Please note the Town Clerk’s report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are available on the town website.

GMW makes an effort to find current photos, from recent real estate listings, websites such as Zillow.com, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, photos may be from previous real estate listings, or from town appraisal/land records.

272 Grumman Hill Road, also known as 272 Old Grumman Hill Road: Beau Morki and Nicole Mitrione Morki to Shubhangi Sawant and Sagar Rane, for $839,000

358 New Canaan Road: William S. Holtzman and S. Sylvia Shepard to Jesse Johnson and Mollie Frazier Burns Keith, for $1,765,000

214 Cheesespring Road: Janet A. Shipp (EST) to Jonathan and Alicia Dickman, for $1,025,000