Wilton Real Estate Report (Nov. 13-19, 2020); Strong Pace of Property Transfers Continues

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the one-week period from Nov. 13-19, 2020, there were 13 properties that changed hands, including four that sold for over $1 million, a pattern nearly identical to the previous week. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) are listed below.

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are also now available on the town website.

830 Ridgefield Road:  Frank and Kristen Jenkins to Samuel A. Mitchell and Stephen G. Cook III, for $484,500

24 Newsome Lane: Daniel Moskal, Kinga Czwartosz, and Arek and Elzbieta Rutkowski to Robert J. and Gayle A. Cassara, for $620,000

111 Spoonwood Road: Vivian C. Wruk to Monica Pani and Jahan Claes, for $318,500; Philip J. Wruk (EST) to Monica Pani and Jahan Claes for $318,500

40 Warncke Road: Matthew K. Foley to Anthony Plesner and Serena Koh, for $1,289,000

104 Thunder Lake Road: Derek A. Smyth and Alexandra Shepherd to Jeremy and Chloe Davis, for $960,000

151 Rivergate Drive: Robert and Nicole Zeoli to Carlo Valente, for $710,000

38 West Meadow Road: R. Owen and Jennifer Williams to Monarch Meadow 125, LLC, for $1,435,000

89 Middlebrook Farm Road: Mary Ann S. Tobiassen to Richard M. and Robin S. Lerner, for $1,250,000

5 Cherry Lane: David and Karyn Foley to Tita N. Mba, for $695,000

39 Kensett Avenue, Norwalk: Eleanor Florio to Mark L. and Pamela J. Keough, for $700,000

26 Village Walk: Joseph R. Suda to Elizabeth Leblond and Jeffrey C. Cole, for $211,000

354 Nod Hill Road: 7 Nod Hill, LLC, to Frank O’Neill Living Trust (et al), for $1,437,500

195 Mountain Road: Junius F. Brown IV (TR, et al) to Maria Galarza, for $560,000