Wilton Real Estate Report (Oct. 2-8, 2020): $17 Million Commercial Sale Leads 19 Properties Sold, Including Two Residential Sales Over $1 Million

Each week the Wilton town clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For the days between Oct. 2-8, 2020, there were 19 properties that changed hands, including a commercial property at 60 Danbury Rd. that sold for $17,100,000. Of the residential property transfers, two sold for over $1 million. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) were:

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office.

  • 52 Range Road:  Dawn Clark to June Amori for $580,000.

  • 154 Deer Run Road:   Louis John Medico, Sr. Estate to Jose Gabriel Carvajal and Maria Bassas, for $488,000.

  • 43 Lambert Common:   Marino Passero Estate to John Cocozza, for $485,000.

  • 118 Old Kings Highway:   David Popoff and Diedre Hicks to Neil and Anne Hamilton, for $670,000.

  • 38 Pheasant Run:  Pheasant Development LLC to Alexander and Danielle Melcher, for $760,000.

  • 23 Wicks End Road:   Jacqueline and Wallace Shaw to Michael John and Jessica Savinelli, for $980,000.

  • 97 Glen Side:  Jennet Shelley to Charles Hogan, for $300,000.

  • 26 Ruscoe Road:   US Bank Trust NA Trust to Walter and Linda Valentine, for $800,000.

  • 78 Belden Hill Road:  Lyndall and Joe Fry to Ofer Eliezer Levy, for $865,000.

  • 18 Sugarbush Court:  W K Remodeling LLC to Michael Roach and Michelle Newman, for $584,000.

  • 22 Coley Road:  Guy and Thuy Harris to Mark Bartlett and Christina Pierozzi, for $1,246,000.

  • 206 Dudley Road:   Carol Bauer to Rubinetto De Roses Trust, for $1,335,000.

  • 56 Cobbs Mill Road:   George Schmidt and Penelope Maxwell to Grantee LLC for $505,000.

  • 41 Erdmann Lane:   James Abbott Estate to Keane Levy and Meaghan Nagurney, for $515,000.

  • 50 Village Court:   Barbara and Sidney Budge Riefe to Princelal and Hency Chiriyankandath, for $460,000.

  • 11 East Meadow Road:  Thomas and Andrea Sato to John and Clarissa Cannavino, for $800,000.

  • 46 Old Kings Highway:   Michael and Angelica Horaitis to Chukweumeka Agwu, for $849,000.

  • 38 Fawn Ridge:  Lauren LaFronz to Jeideep Ramamoorthy Renganathan, for $400,003.

  • 60 Danbury Road:  Wilton 40/60 LLC to Wilton Medical Realty LLC, for $17,100,000.