Wilton Real Estate Report (Oct. 9-22, 2020)–22 Properties Sold, Including $2.5 Million Home

Each week the Wilton Town Clerk’s office releases data for the prior week’s real estate transactions. For Oct. 9-22, 2020, there were 22 properties that changed hands, including seven that sold for over $1 million, with the highest at nearly $2.5 million. The land transfers recorded in that time (including address, sale price, and photo where available) were:

Important:  Please note this report contains limited information. For details, please read the document on file in the Wilton Town Clerk’s office. These land transfer reports are also now available on the town website.

  • 13 Deforest Road: Gerald F. Hendricks to Stephen and Shari Cohen, for $1,080,000

  • 221 Westport Road: Jill Porter to Mario Pimentel, for $533,250

  • 121 Thunder Lake Road: Maurice K. and Barbarajean Segall to Mathew Tucker and Lauren Hood, for $640,000

  • 173 Drum Hill Road: Denise M. McEntee to Youjin Myung and Michael Hekle, for $1,545,000

  • 11 Snowberry Lane: Teresa O’Hara to Lauren and Gulliver Travers, for $789,000

  • 64 Grumman Hill Road: David B. and Kathie S. Mandel to Benjmain Pote and Pilar Paris, for $729,000

  • 16 Brandon Circle: Timothy and Mary Beth Mahon to David L. and Kerryanne M. Blankenship, for $1,365,000

  • 26 Sunset Hill Road: Lisa B. Hassing to Sara and Michael Zawoiski, for $579,000

  • 24 Graenest Ridge Road: Andrew Norris to Aaron Popowsky and Amy Wasserman, for $2,488,000

  • 14 Westfield Road: Richard J. and Melissa A. Spalding to Carolyn Jean and Paul Stanley Barako, for $810,000

  • 467 Nod Hill Road: Gerald Daniel and Susan Kay Streety to Daniel J. Bartus, for $605,000

81 Kellogg Drive: Margaret Dobbins to Jennifer Brown and Adam Fisher, for $510,000

28 Calvin Road: Stuart and Margaret Holcombe to Xiaoye Wang and Jianbo Tian, for $980,000

30 Calvin Road: Yasmin K. Assef to Alec Giovino, for $530,000

  • 161 Hurlbutt Street: Sumant and Anne Lieth Khanna to Sarah Michelle and Timothy John Donnelly, for $995,000

52 Old Farm Road: Harriet T. Hoskinson, Est. to Richard Adam and Kerry Lynn Ray, for $1,400,000

  • 39 Old Huckleberry Road: Marla V. and David G. W. Hummel to Gopal Tampi and Shubhashree Mukherjee, for $1,215,000

  • 27 Olmstead Hill Road: Karen Curtin to James Larson and Amanda Lerner, for $795,000

  • 19 Fullin Lane: Middlebrook Lane Assoc., LLC, to Ethan Charas, for $235,000 (no photo)
  • 22 Silvermine Woods: Kristen Morin to Oleg and Rodica Bujor, for $850,000

  • 26 Kensett Avenue: Margaret Sirano to Michael and Yenfer Betancourt, for $620,000

  • 4 West Wind Lane: Robert J. and Nora C. Spaulding to Michael Arciero and Michelle Colacion