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Patrizia Zucaro will Help Us Keep Wilton Strong

To the Editor:

Serving on the Board of Finance, I’ve learned an important truth: Hartford always wants something from our town. Paying part of the state’s teachers’ pension costs, giving up school funding mid-year, more unfunded mandates – there’s always something.

Because we give guidance to town boards before budgets are set, doing our job requires accurate information from our legislators. To be helpful to us, they must alert us to all significant developments for Wilton, communicate information objectively, provide sources, and explain the facts clearly to residents. Their communication must be open, with all BOF members, and with all town boards and commissions.

Patrizia Zucaro, who has been general counsel to two businesses, has extensive experience in spotting and analyzing sensitive information. She understands how much the persistent efforts in Hartford to gain more control of how we spend our property taxes could affect Wilton. Her approach is pragmatic, not political. We can trust her to tell us – and all Wiltonians – the truth.

Patrizia will fight to ensure that Wilton isn’t penalized for being well managed. She believes state government must serve and be responsive to Wilton – not the other way around. Patrizia Zucaro will help us keep Wilton strong.


Jeffrey Rutishauser

Job Growth in Connecticut with Will Haskell

To the Editor:

As Connecticut continues to combat the COVID-19 public health crisis with the profound economic damage it has inflicted upon the state, we must work together to repair not only our public health but our financial health as well. This pandemic is an unprecedented event at a time when our state was already under economic duress. Connecticut must take bold action on a variety of fronts to help repair its economy not just for the short term but also with a view toward a longer-term economic recovery.

Will Haskell strongly favors an increased investment in job training programs. He believes in greater outreach to students with programs that help prepare them to enter the 21st-century workforce. Programs such as ConnCAT provide job training to unemployed and underemployed adults giving them the skills they need to secure well-paying jobs in health sciences and culinary professions, a meaningful step toward financial security for Connecticut’s most vulnerable citizens.

Will Haskell is focused on providing Connecticut businesses, large and small, the skilled workforce they need in order to thrive. His programs will expand workforce development, provide debt-free community college education, and revitalize our economy. Connecticut needs Will Haskell’s ground-breaking initiatives.

Brian Sudano

Democracy Itself is On the Ballot–Vote Row A for Democratic Candidates

To the Editor:

The 2020 election is not about Republican or Democratic principles; democracy itself is on the ballot. This election is a referendum on who we are as a nation. President Trump is on the record stating he will steal this election, challenging legitimate ballots, encouraging voter intimidation, initiating court challenges, and rushing appointment of a “friendly” Supreme Court justice. Over the last four years, it has become glaringly obvious the GOP has lost its way. Many Republicans, from the highest level down to the local level, have demonstrated they have no regard for what is important to average Americans. Polls show a majority of people care about COVID response, the economy, climate change, health care, education, national security, and equality for all, yet the GOP refuses to address any of these issues, instead focusing on consolidating and protecting the wealth and power of the few. We must send a unified, resounding message to those in government that we demand thoughtful, coalition building leaders who care about the people they govern. To protect our Constitution and our democracy Vote Row A for Democrats Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, Senator Jim Himes, State Senator Will Haskell and Stephanie Thomas for CT 143rd.

Heather Wilcauskas

From a “Recovering Republican,” We Must Learn from History 

Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted by the owner of the “Republicans for Biden” banner that was torn down and stolen.

To the Editor:

Strict adherence to any party platform has never been my modus operandi; so while registered as a Republican for most of my adult life, my voting record has probably been 50/50. With formative years anchored in the 60’s, socially progressive ideas came naturally. Similarly, four years in the Navy accentuated pathetically wasteful government spending norms and solidified a certain fiscal conservatism. While disavowing DJT in 2016, the chaos and dishonesty permeating his entire administration compelled me to re-register as a Democrat. The old GOP is gone for now.

The most disheartening aspect of conversations with Trump supporters since 2015 has been their refusal to debate with anything resembling critical thinking. Programmed responses and fanatical, ready acceptance of misinformation. Forget historical perspective! Communism, socialism, progressivism, nationalism, national socialism, McCarthyism….has “common core” education skipped 20th Century American history and civics? Our President is historically illiterate, and before blindly following his narrative of past administrations, I urge all parent/students and teachers to Google an old article by David McCullough: “Knowing History and Knowing Who We Are”.

Jerry Sprole

Why Reward a Party that Gave Us Reckless, Divisive Tyrant in Washington?

To the Editor:

For me, Nov. 3 is the day to send a very particular message. Why, even with a single vote, would one reward a party that has given us this reckless, divisive tyrant in Washington? Even while its local candidates don’t mention him, don’t put up his signs, roll their eyes, they support a statewide voter-suppression effort that would keep him in power. When votes are scarce and push comes to shove, they appeal, as he does, to fear. Why would anyone concerned with the serious problems we face—education, income disparity, the environment, women’s rights, public health—encourage this behavior? They wouldn’t. Not when candidates on the other side have such proven credentials.

For Wilton, for America, my choices are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jim Himes, Stephanie Thomas and Will Haskell.

Bob Carney

Healy and Zucaro have Always Stood Against Regionalization

To the Editor:

I support Kim Healy and Patrizia Zucaro and hope you will join me in voting for them on Nov. 3.

It’s a simple choice. They have always stood against regionalization of schools and Planning and Zoning. They simply believe it should stay local.

Will Haskell says he was always against it and was the first legislator who fought it. That simply is false! Gail Lavielle our House Representative was the first legislator fighting it and Tom O’Dea joined her in the flight in Hartford. I attended some gatherings when it reared its ugly head and Sen. Haskell never said he was against it. He said he would listen and would talk with Sen. Looney and Sen. Duff who had proposed their own bills on school regionalization.

Stephanie Thomas has been very soft on the subject and seems to go along with what Sen. Haskell says. We don’t need a follower we need a leader in the State House of Representatives. I trust Patrizia will not be swayed!

Planning and Zoning must stay local. I do not trust that Will or Stephanie will fight for Wilton and our future.

Kim & Patrizia will!

Patty Tomasetti

For Two Years Haskell has Worked for Us

To the Editor:

In the past two years, Will Haskell has worked to protect our schools, pass tougher gun laws, voted to pass strong paid family and medical leave laws, and stood up to insurance companies by requiring short-term health insurance to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions among just a few of his many accomplishments as our state senator. He has done this all in as a good listener, in good humor, with relentless energy and quickly answering our questions and requests.

I strongly endorse Will for another term as our senator for the 26th Connecticut District.

John Kalamarides

“Protect Wilton Schools” Signage May Stoke Worry Among Students

To the Editor:

With tragedies Wilton students faced over past weeks, plus navigating fears in attending school during a pandemic, do our students really need one more thing to worry about? Kim Healy’s campaign chose to place multiple “Protect Wilton Schools” signs on public property along the School Rd. bus route, by Comstock and Middlebrook School. Of course, these signs are seen by children en route to school. Many won’t see or understand “stop school regionalization” but can read big red letters: “Protect Wilton Schools.” Protect schools from what? Is school not safe? Are those in charge not protecting us now? Placing signs here demonstrates poor judgment and stands in blatant disregard of our kids’ mental health.

Adults know school regionalization is a dog-whistle non-issue (on which Wilton’s Democratic and Republican candidates don’t actually disagree); we see through empty alarmism. Kids, on the other hand, take words at face value. Those hoping to serve in State government should proactively condemn fear-stoking tactics at every level (we’ve seen too many examples from the Republican party) and instead focus on addressing the very real issues our students face during this trying time.

Paula Casiraghi

Where are Trump Signs?

To the Editor:

Wilton has many Biden-Harris lawn signs, but few Trump signs. Have residents who voted for Trump in 2016 had enough, or are they too embarrassed to admit they’re voting for him again – despite his disastrous mismanagement of the pandemic, refusal to address climate change, efforts to repeal Obamacare without proposing a better alternative, failure to invest in infrastructure, his lies and rhetoric designed to divide this country. A president should inspire us. Instead, Trump’s a con man stirring up hatred and division. While his supporters may fly under the radar, I’m proud to fly an American flag next to my Biden-Harris lawn sign.

Carey Field

Zucaro’s Allegiance will be with Us, Not Unions

To the Editor:

Public-sector unions control our state legislature. Last year, majority-party legislators voted to guarantee unionized state employees 11% raises over two years, funded by taxpayers, most of whom will never see such increases in the private sector. This summer, the governor didn’t even try to suspend those raises – totaling $350 million – while thousands of private-sector employees were jobless because of the pandemic. I am not sure if your readers are aware that the Democratic candidate for the 143rd House district sought endorsement by the union-funded Working Families Party and the SEIU-Service Employees International Union. The State Senate 26th district democratic candidate and most other house district candidates in our area did not seek those endorsements. It raises the question – where will her allegiance lie – state unions or constituents? I’m voting for Patrizia Zucaro.


Warren Serenbetz