Congratulations to the five Wilton residents who completed the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17. The Wilton athletes and their official finish times were:

  • Brennan Gildersleeve, 3:19:45 (4,603rd overall; 3,968th man)
  • Sean Rooney, 3:29:56 (7,034th overall; 5,573rd man)
  • Thatcher U. Hoyt, 4:10:15 (17,712th overall; 10,618th man)
  • Kimberly M. Van Den Heuvel, 4:17:38 (19,098th overall; 7,922nd woman)
  • Dorothy Williams, 5:08:50 (24,476th overall; 10,895th woman)
photo:  Boston Marathon/Facebook