Wilton is a place where friends, neighbors and even the not-yet-acquainted come together to help one another. Whether it’s to raise funds supporting a charity effort, to volunteer at the weekend sports jamboree, or to donate countless hours in service of the schools, Wilton gives.

We’re proud to be affiliated once again with one such effort of Wilton residents who have united to raise funds in support of pediatric cancer awareness and research. Last year, almost 100 people from Wilton were part of the “Warriors for a Cure,” team that participated in the Million Mile Run, a nationwide effort to run a collective one million miles and raise pledges for each of those miles run. Wilton’s team was the number one team in the nation for fundraising, collecting more than $66,000!

The Million Mile Run is an effort organized by the pediatric cancer organization, Alex’s Lemonade Stand. The month of September is National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, and Alex’s Lemonade is fond of saying that through the run/walk/ride, “We’re going the distance to find a cure for all childhood cancers.” One million miles is a long way, but any parent of a child with cancer would go that far (and then some) to find a cure.

Once again, Warriors for a Cure is taking part in the Million Mile Run (which now includes biking as well as running and walking) and the team is recruiting members as well as people who want to support their efforts. GOOD Morning Wilton has joined the team again. To find out more about joining or to donate, you can visit the team’s page. There is no requirement for the amount of miles you complete. Every step counts! There are already over 100 team members–that’s already more than last year, which means odds are good that the team will blow last year’s fundraising totals out of the water this year!

Given that childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15 in the United States, it’s an important cause, one that Wilton will rise to take on together. Won’t you join us?

If you have questions, or want to learn more about becoming a member of the Warriors for a Cure, feel free to reach out to team captain Jeff Snyder via email.