UPDATE: Lawyer: Family is ‘Gratified Superintendent Acknowledged the Truth’

3:30 P.M. UPDATE:  Following today’s earlier statement from superintendent Kevin Smith correcting what he said was “inaccurate information,” attorney Paul Slager called GOOD Morning Wilton, with a statement in reaction.

“The family is gratified that Dr. Smith has acknowledged the truth of all the matters in our statement from yesterday, and hopes it helps prevent further damage to any children who may have been harmed in the Wilton Schools. The purpose of the statement was never to embarrass Dr. Smith or anyone else in the Wilton Public Schools. Our only goal in making the statement in the first place was to do everything reasonably possible to help the children of this community.”

1:53 P.M. BREAKING NEWS:  A statement was just released by Wilton Public School‘s Superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith, in which he states, “I made a mistake in the information I shared regarding this incident,” referring to a previously reported complaint made by a child against Eric Von Kohorn in Jan. 2013.

Von Kohorn is the former preschool aide arrested on charges involving child pornography.

Smith sent this statement in the form of a letter to parents Friday at 1:30 p.m.. The statement follows accusations made by Paul Slager, an attorney representing the child involved and his/her family, who released a press statement yesterday, meant to “correct any dangerous statements that were made by WPS,” according to the email. Slager said, on behalf of the family, that statements made by Smith and the Wilton Schools regarding the incident between the child and Von Kohorn were “misleading,” “inaccurate” and “untrue.”

Slager wrote that he prepared the statement “out of deep concern – both the family’s and his own – that the repeated misstatements made by WPS present additional risks to the well-being of children.”

Smith’s apology letter also says, “I sincerely regret my mistake, which could cast doubt on my truthfulness.  I am deeply sorry for conveying inaccurate information,” he adds.

Read the full text of the letter, by enlarging the image, below.

Dr. Smith statement 8-29-14 I'm Sorry