“Think of me as your best friend.”

That is how Wilton’s Sarah Beach wants clients to think of her and her consulting service, Beach Creative Consultancy, which provides creative solutions such as logos, branding, promotional materials, website creation, crowdfunding campaigns, social media and email marketing, among other services.

That “best friend” message appears front and center on the Beach Creative website homepage, along with visuals of two girls holding hands. (And where else, but on a beach?)

“I’m an idea person,” Beach explained to GMW. “I want clients to think of me as their creative partner.”

Beach said she missed having that type of creative partner during the four years when she Kickstart-ed, launched and singlehandedly ran a magazine, STRONG, The Magazine for Girls, a quarterly publication aimed at middle school-aged girls. As Beach says on her new company’s website, “Starting a business, and being in business, can be lonely. Sometimes you have the BEST ideas but you really need to test the water and talk them through with somebody. Other times you have the best ideas but you simply don’t have the bandwidth to put them into action.”

Beach told GMW she wants “to work alongside of” her clients, and feels she is especially valuable to new businesses or those who may feel out of their comfort zone on creative initiatives.

“Sometimes a client has an idea, or I’ll give them an idea, and we bounce off each other, but together we take those ideas and implement them,” said Beach.

She can relate to clients who are struggling to figure it all out. “[The magazine] was a steep learning curve… not only content creation, interviews and copy, but graphic design and layout, brand awareness, marketing, merchandising, social media, website creation, video and audio editing, and so much more.”

In July, 2020, Beach made the decision to close the magazine (which operated under the constraint of accepting no advertising) but believes she honed important skills which she now brings to her consultancy. “In addition to my creative and communication skills, my biggest assets are actually the energy and ideas I bring to the table when trying to solve problems.”

In May, 2019, Beach was named by Wilton Magazine among the 25 “Most Dedicated, Most Creative, Most Influential Individuals in Wilton.

At the time, the honor was largely in recognition of her work at the STRONG magazine, but Beach is also a dedicated volunteer for the non-profit Wilton Children’s Theater (WCT) where she serves as vice president of the WCT board of directors. The 22-member board she helps to lead is responsible for all aspects of the theatrical productions (typically four shows per year) plus various other programs.

Beach’s creative stamp can be found on various WCT event posters, such as those seen here.

After serving in various WCT capacities over the last several years, Beach says, “The WCT is everything Wilton is about, a great group of people who give of their time and energy” to make the community such a special place.

Beach has lived in Wilton since 2009, when she moved here with her husband and young children from the U.K. for what the family expected would be about three years.  Instead, Beach says they “got hooked on Wilton” and decided to stay in the community they came to love.

Beach is clearly excited about her latest business venture. Among other things, she loves what she called the “varied and interesting” array of clients she is working with and seeing their ideas come to life.  One example is Garden For Good, a vegetable garden consulting service recently launched by Wilton resident Leslie Hinshaw, who worked with Beach to develop a branding strategy and logo, shown below. (A website is also in the works.)

Below are a few more examples of Beach’s work (readers may view her online portfolio to see more examples of Beach’s magazine covers, layouts, logos, posters and promotional materials).

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  1. Great article, Sarah! And wishing you all the luck in the world on your new venture. Miss seeing you guys — both parents and kids. Trust one of these days, things will be restored to some kind of “normal.” Until then, sending loads of love and hugs! Al

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