One of Wilton’s most unique homes has hit the market, and the $7.5 million price tag isn’t the most jaw-dropping thing about it. The stunning home is called the Lookout House, and for good reason:  it sits atop a hill giving it breathtaking, 50-mile views of Long Island Sound–and Long Island itself.

The listing says the home “…is a fine example of traditional Japanese design principles coupled with the strong vertical lines of Frank Lloyd Wright–a sensory experience in wood, glass and CT field-stone that integrates into the natural landscape. This six bedroom, eight bathroom, 10,000 sq. ft. home, with indoor pool, outdoor pool, and tennis compound, is both elegant and progressive. A sustainable project, this property integrates geothermal heating/cooling systems, utilizes solar hot water, and renewable materials. Lookout House is designed to be lived in as well as admired. [It is] south-facing on nearly five glorious acres teeming with nature.”

Earlier this year, GOOD Morning Wilton got the rare opportunity to speak with the home’s owner about the house and its history. Indeed, the surrounding land and environment is what she says are her favorite things.

“Being on the hilltop it feels very private. Also you just have this big sky. You’re out in the sunshine or the rain, but…when I went to the Glass House years ago, somebody said something to the effect of, ‘Having all the windows is almost like having ever-changing wallpaper.’ The view everyday, even today when it’s rainy and windy, is still amazing. Everyday I can look out and it’s never exactly the same. Sometimes at night there’s a silver ribbon of the sound where the moon is shining, or you can see the snow coming from the West over to the East. I have a photograph where the sky is half blue and half cloudy. It’s just a stunning setting.”

What’s more, everything on the property is very eco-friendly.

“The house is surrounded by several acres of native wildflower meadow. In the back we have an organic vegetable garden, some fruit trees, raspberries and blueberries, and even figs. We don’t use any chemicals or pesticides on the grounds,” the owner explains.

But of course, the inside of the house is stunning in its own right.

“The comment we get most often about our house is that oftentimes, contemporary homes can feel very cold and sterile, but our home, because it has a lot of wood and stone and is surrounded by nature, it has a warmth to it and is very welcoming.”

The materials used in building the house, as well as the many, large windows, all help to make nature plentiful throughout. But the house itself is very nature-friendly, according to the owner.

“We wanted it to be a very efficient and green, clean kind of home. We used bamboo flooring, eco-friendly paints and finishes. Many of the walls in the public spaces are Venetian plaster and they’re waxed with beeswax so it’s non-toxic. The house is passive solar, so we can turn off the heating and cooling for 4-5 months every year. We always have a breeze even on the hottest days. We have a geothermal system and solar hot water.”

The house is represented by Deborah Burnaman of William Raveis Real Estate. Her contact number is 203.803.0483.