Attention Wilton dog owners: get ready to ‘fetch’ something very important for your four-legged best friend.

The deadline for dog owners to renew their pet’s license is Wednesday, June 30.

Connecticut State law requires all dogs at least 6 months old to be licensed yearly. In Wilton, the cost to license each dog is $8 if spayed or neutered, $19 if the dog isn’t altered. The town charges a $1-per-month late fee after June 30.

Payment for dog licenses can be submitted online at no additional fee. Residents can also choose to mail in their form to the town clerk or fill it out in person at Wilton Town Hall (238 Danbury Rd.).

To apply for a dog license the first time, new residents or dog owners must email a copy of their Rabies Vaccination Certificate and Spay/Neuter certificate to the town clerk. 

To renew a license, residents must email a copy of a new Rabies Vaccination Certificate if it has expired, and a copy of a Spay/Neuter Certificate if a dog was previously licensed as “unaltered” and is now altered.

According to the town clerk’s office, last year approximately 1,403 dogs were licensed in Wilton. As of Thursday, June 17, the town had issued 677 dog licenses so far this year.