UPDATE, APRIL 22, 7 A.M.Village Market owner Tim Dolnier has confirmed the store has been cleared by the Health Department and is open for business this morning as of 7 a.m., for normal business hours today.

UPDATE, 3:30 P.M.–Village Market owner Tim Dolnier has reached out to let GMW know that he’s been in contact with Wilton Health Director Barry Bogle, “He came down and let us know everything we need to do to comply to health regulations. At this point that has been done, [Barry] has been made aware, and we will be re-opened at normal time tomorrow.”

Normal hours of operation on Wednesday include opening the store at 7 a.m..

The earlier letter posted on the door of the market and on the store’s social media reiterated the owners’ focus “continues to be on the safety of our employees and customers.”

Breaking News–Tuesday, April 21, 10:45 a.m.–The Village Market has announced that the market will be closed for the remainder of the day today, to clean and sanitize the store. “We did have an employee test positive [for COVID-19], who was last here on Saturday, [April 18],” owner Tim Dolnier told GOOD Morning Wilton in an email.

Dolnier said a letter has been posted on the door of the market, and he will also update the store’s Facebook and Instagram accounts as well. He added that the Village Market will be open for regular hours on Wednesday, April 22.

2 replies on “[UPDATED] Village Market Open Today, After 1-Day Deep Clean When Employee Tested COVID Positive”

  1. That’s unfortunate for Village Market but I really like their approach. Get the facts, understand the situation, assess the risk, take appropriate steps, mitigate as best as possible, react accordingly, be pragmatic and re-open.

  2. I trust The Village Market more than any other store these days. I know they are dedicated to our community. I appreciate them very much.

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