One of the Wilton Wellness Center‘s newest tenants, the Connecticut IV Infusion Center (CIVIC), wants to put the care back in healthcare.

As the only free-standing, multi-specialty infusion center in the southwestern Connecticut area, CIVIC is well-positioned to change the narrative, according to Debby Rowland, executive director.

“Most of our patients have chronic medical conditions, which require they receive infusions. At CIVIC we’re offering patients an opportunity to get the infusions they require without having to go to the hospital,” she explains.

Brightly painted walls, large windows, plants, and artwork make the main infusion suite a warm and inviting space. The suite has four chairs and a nurse’s station, which allows patients to be directly monitored. Amenities such as large screen TVs, plenty of reading materials, a coffee/snack bar, and facility-wide WiFi also help patients feel more at home. Plenty of parking makes getting in and out a breeze and there is also a private room for patients who may want more privacy.

“It’s a completely different feel than a hospital,” says Rowland.

Infusion therapy is used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions. CIVIC cares for both adult and pediatric patient populations and offers infusion therapies for acute and chronic medical conditions, including but not limited to allergy/immunology, gastroenterology, neurology, and rheumatology. CIVIC also offers high quality infusion therapy for overall wellness, such as IV Vitamin supplements used to combat fatigue, enhance athletic performance, or promote healing. Physician oversight of every infusion treatment ensures a safe and high quality experience.

Dr. Barry Stein, a co-owner of the infusion center with Dr. Robert Roteman, both of whom are ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certified, said it was the lack of affordable, high quality treatment options for patients suffering from chronic medical conditions that require infusion therapy, that led them to explore opening a free-standing multi-specialty infusion center.

“With the national trend of moving healthcare treatments outside the high cost hospital setting, it was only natural to apply this to the infusion therapy market,” explained Dr. Stein.

Previously, patients only had two choices for infusions–the hospital or home health care, both of which have challenges.

Hospital costs tend to be high and insurance companies have begun to deny treatment for patients in that particular setting, if it’s not deemed absolutely necessary.

At home, the integrity of the medication could be compromised and if that’s the case, the absence of doctor oversight warrants calling 911 should there be an emergency.

The physicians hope to educate the community and local providers about the benefits of infusion therapy in a free-standing facility such as CIVIC as compared to a hospital or home setting.

“We want to be viewed as a trusted partner to local physicians who find it increasingly difficult to locate high quality and affordable infusion therapy for their patients,”  said Dr. Roteman.

Equally important to the doctors is ensuring that they deliver services that improve patients’ quality of life in a way that is caring, compassionate, and comfortable. Judging from patient survey responses, CIVIC is succeeding in meeting that objective.

“We’ve had great feedback. Patients have praised us for our care and attention to their comfort. They have called it an ‘excellent experience’ right from the start, particularly noting the knowledge and professionalism of our entire staff,” Rowland shared.

For more information on CIVIC and its services, please visit the CIVIC website, Facebook page, and/or LinkedIn page. CIVIC is located at 249 Danbury Rd..