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Few Have Tartell’s Insight Into Government and Getting Things Done

To the Editor:

I have gotten to know Ross Tartell through our membership on the Democratic Town Committee. Few people I have met have Ross’s insight into how government works and how to get things done. His 22 years of chairing long-range planning teams in the Wilton Schools and his extensive business experience are vital qualifications and necessary attributes for a Board member. Wilton faces many challenges.  Only someone with Ross’s vision can help plan a future that maintains the character of our town while ensuring that we continue to improve our level of services and maintain a stable mill rate.

Jim Kapustka

ZBA will Benefit from Du’s ‘Can-Du’ Attitude

To the Editor:

As Wilton and its residents continue to face challenges from all sides, it is important to vote for candidates that want to safeguard Wilton’s future.

I have known Monty Du for two years. During that time, I have witnessed his special ability to balance a passion to protect Wilton and its residents with thoughtful professionalism. Monty’s 23 years of experience designing and building transportation systems and his understanding of local codes and regulations would be a wonderful asset to Wilton’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

Next month, I urge voters to vote for Monty Du for ZBA, as we will all surely benefit from his ‘can-Du’ attitude.


Lisa Pojano

Kaelin Embodies “Leadership for a Better Wilton”

To the Editor:

Mike Kaelin would do a wonderful job for the Town of Wilton! He embodies the slogan on the signs throughout town, “Leadership For A Better Wilton.”

More important than his strong credentials, including leadership roles volunteering for many civic organizations in town for over two decades, Mike always puts the best interests of Wilton first. He has a kind, calm and rational demeanor coupled with extensive experience and demonstrated leadership. It does not matter whether there is an “R”, “I”, or “D” next to his name, his character and insistence on doing the right thing shines through.

I worked with Mike on the Wilton Library Association Board for years and saw first hand his dedication to our town… to do what is right and best for Wilton. I saw him in meetings serving on the Board of Selectman and his rational, sensible approach always resonated.

Please get out and vote on Nov. 5, and vote for the right type of leader to serve on the Board of Finance to keep the Town of Wilton as special as it is for years to come.

Holly Sexton

Serenbetz’s Background in Finance is Ideal

To the Editor:

Because of his substantial background in finance Warren Serenbetz is the ideal person for the Board of Finance.

I have served on the Republican Town Committee together with Warren for the past eight years and found him to be considerate, responsive and always mindful of delivering services to the Wilton public in the most efficient way. He is determined to reduce the tax burden on Wilton home owners by growing the Grand List and finding additional ways to increase non-tax revenues.

Vote for experience–vote for Warren!

Hella McSweeney

McFadden Stands for What Wilton Needs Now

To the Editor:

I write with enthusiasm to support the candidacy of Deb McFadden for First Selectwoman. Why vote for Deb? Why does Wilton need a change? Deb’s platform answers these questions.

Deb stands for what Wilton needs now–inclusivity and transparency in our government. She works across the aisle and opens communication and trust. She encourages feedback and input. She wants to hear from us.

Deb has a vision for developing a more robust town center. She wants to work with existing businesses to understand their needs while actively encouraging new businesses, restaurants, and other town amenities to make Wilton a destination where we want to spend time. More “down-town” feeling would go a long way to encourage young families to settle here, and raise children and for older folks to congregate.

Deb knows Wilton well. She is a long-time resident who, along with her husband Jack, have raised three children in our schools and have participated many of our town’s organizations–freely giving of time, energy and expertise. Deb is experienced. She understands administration and knows how to get the job done. Vote for Deb!

Lorie Paulson

Vanderslice has Experience and Skills to Manage

To the Editor:

Next month’s municipal election concerns who is best to manage Wilton’s town government most effectively. Lynne Vanderslice has demonstrated during her first term that she has the strategic management and controllership experience and skills to manage town government very competently.

Lynne has managed town government using a classic management by objective approach. She has laid out her objectives during her term and then has reported her progress against these objectives. A summary of her accomplishments during her first term is as follows:

  • Reduced growth in the cost of town operations
  • Increased efficiency within town government while maintaining services
  • Increased transparency and responsiveness of town government
  • Increased economic investment
  • Made environmental improvements
  • Prudently addressed town infrastructure with a focus on cost and debt management
  • Formed public-private partnerships to fund new and/or improved amenities
  • Eased the burden for Wilton’s retired population
  • Collaborated with the Board of Education to reduce their costs
  • Improved quality of life.

During Lynne’s second term, she will continue efforts to further streamline town government, including through shared services with other municipalities, promote prudent investment in infrastructure with an effort to minimize new debt and encourage appropriate economic development.

I urge you to join me in voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman.

Charles K. Wessendorf

Unaffiliated Voter for Vanderslice

To the Editor:

I am an unaffiliated voter. I will again be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman. Lynne has delivered on the vision she promised:  reduced costs, shared employees and services with the Board of Education, economic development, including diverse housing options and integrating the river into Wilton Center.

Loss of high paying jobs has hurt home values, yet Lynne’s leadership of town employees and the Board of Selectmen have meant improvements and safeguarding of what makes Wilton unique, affordable and attractive to perspective home buyers.

Keep this successful Board of Selectmen intact and return Lynne as First Selectwoman.

Linda Casey Abou-Sabh

Silent Local Republican are Accountable for President and National Party Actions

To the Editor:

Alexander Hamilton wrote: “The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid bases of the consent of the people. The streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original fountain of all legitimate authority.” (Hamilton, #22 of the Federalist Papers)

So the people in a political party must take responsibility for those people in their party who are in elected office and must either support their action or condemn them. Where in Wilton is the outrage over what the national Republican Party has done to cut taxes for the rich, allow for foreign states to investigate political rivals and now allow for the killing of the Kurdish people?

It seems that people in the local Republican Party can sit back in silence and deny accountability of the national party and pretend that on the local level they are only concerned about school funding or library support or if someone has violated a zoning law. By their silence they provide consent of what this President and their party has done to the reputation of the United States.

If you believe that all powers flow from the people and their support, then all Republicans are accountable for the treatment of people seeking refugee status, the demonization of our allies and the comfortable status our president finds with dictators and tyrants. It is time to speak with one voice and elect only Democrats to office in this election and demand accountability. Vote Democrat line A.

Keith Denning

Democrat for Vanderslice

To the Editor:

I am a registered Democrat and again, I will be voting for Lynne Vanderslice for First Selectwoman. Lynne has delivered on the vision she presented when she ran for office four years ago; reduced costs, shared employees and services with the schools, new commercial development, including empty nester housing options, and improvements to the area along the Norwalk River in Wilton Center so the river can be seen and become part of Center and the new chess tables can be enjoyed by all.

Lynne was in Hartford fighting for the independence of our schools, meeting with the Governor three times. Her tenacity resulted in Aquarion withdrawing their water diversion permit and progress is being made on the Norwalk River Valley Trail.

The loss of high paying jobs in the state has hurt home values, but under Lynne’s leadership town employees and the Board of Selectmen have been improving and safeguarding what makes Wilton unique, affordable and attractive to perspective home buyers.

Lynne has worked collaboratively with the Board of Education and its chair to help the schools save costs including the new alternative school program that allows children to remain in Wilton, rather than being sent out of state by the school district.

Keep this successful Board of Selectmen intact and return Lynne as First Selectwoman.

Cynthia Ruffel