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Selectwoman Deb McFadden (D):  Bas Nabulsi and Keith Denning will Bring “Talent and Intellect” to BOS to Serve Wilton

To the Editor:

This is a call to action!

First, please vote.

Wilton has municipal elections on Nov. 2. Historically, turnout at municipal elections is very low, but due to the COVID pandemic, all Connecticut residents can now vote by absentee ballot or in person. Absentee ballots require an application.

Second, make your vote an informed decision.

The Wilton Democrats have fielded a slate of highly qualified candidates. As a member of the current Board of Selectmen (BOS), I endorse Bas Nabulsi and Keith Denning for the BOS. You will be able to vote for two BOS candidates, so vote for both.

With all the recent applications for development projects in Wilton, Bas Nabulsi would be a powerful asset for the BOS, with his extensive experience on Planning and Zoning. He has been a long-time resident in Wilton with his sons graduating from Wilton High School.

Keith Denning is the kind of person who “walks the walk.”  He researches, works hard, and asks tough questions. You want Keith asking those questions for you as Wilton faces new challenges.

Bas and Keith will use their talent and intellect to serve the Wilton community. The least we can do is invest the time to vote, it matters!

Deb McFadden
Wilton Selectwoman

Former State Rep. Gail Lavielle Says Republican Candidates will Put Wiltonian Priorities First

To the Editor:

This year’s Republican-endorsed candidates were chosen for their expertise and their love of Wilton, but also because they know representing our town means putting Wiltonians’ priorities first, which sometimes means putting them before their own. They are not asked to follow any statewide or national platform. This is nothing new, because the state Republican party, unlike its Democratic counterpart, has never in modern memory imposed a platform on any candidate.

For Kim Healy, Wilton is the hometown where she has raised her children and dedicated years of community service. She is a CPA, a stickler for detail, and will ensure that every penny is spent wisely. Jessica Christ and Jared Martin are parents fully invested in the success of our schools and dedicated to giving all parents a voice in key decisions. Monty DuStewart KoenigsbergMatt Raimondi, and Rich Santosky are successful professionals who understand not just finance, but how financial decisions affect the lives of everyone in the community.

Working for our town requires diplomacy. These candidates know that board work is collaborative, that they must strive for consensus, and that disagreement with a colleague, or anyone, must never involve disparagement. Please join me in voting for them.

Gail Lavielle
Former State Representative

Former Superintendent of Wilton Schools, David F. Clune, Endorses Debbie Low for Re-Election to Bd. of Education

To the Editor:

Re-elect Debbie Low — a leader with high ideals and deep convictions.

I invite you to join me in voting for Debbie Low for re-election to the Wilton Board of Education. Debbie is currently serving as Chair of the Board and continues to provide the same positive, supportive, transformative leadership that has characterized her highly successful, multi-decade educational career. More specifically, Debbie is a uniter and keeps the school district’s focus on meeting the diverse academic, social and emotional needs of thousands of learners that we, as citizens, entrust to her overarching care every day. She is a good listener and is able to distill complex issues into actionable plans that meet laudable community expectations. Like all successful leaders, Debbie recognizes the importance of a cohesive leadership team. Such cohesiveness is especially needed now and can be achieved by voting for Debbie Low, Pam Ely and Nicola Davies.


David F. Clune
Wilton Superintendent of Schools 1982-2004