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Differences between Toni Boucher and Ceci Maher are Clear

To the Editor:

When considering the candidates for the upcoming 26th [State] Senate District, the differences between Ceci Maher and Toni Boucher could not be more illuminating.

Like most of the country, many of Connecticut’s residents face rising gas prices, soaring inflation, and rampant crime. Sure, there are some that are wealthy enough to weather these problems, but most Connecticut residents cannot. Faced with these voter concerns and the likelihood that voters are willing to vote for change, Ms. Maher does what all progressives do, she gives lip service to those issues and then runs a scare campaign against Ms. Boucher arguing that if Ms. Boucher is elected, Connecticut’s gun laws, women’s reproductive rights, and LGBTQ+ rights will be repealed. Since the entire state government is controlled by the Democratic Party, we all know that is little more than nonsense.

What all of Connecticut’s residents need, especially those that are the least fortunate, is a voice in Hartford for a return to sanity and a voice that will focus on the real issues that Connecticut’s residents face every day. That voice is Toni Boucher. Please vote for her on election day!

Urs Broderick Furrer
Redding, CT

Democracy Depends on You… and Democratic Candidates

To the Editor:

The election of 2022 is the most important in modern times and I want to encourage Wilton voters to mark their ballots for Democratic candidates, all of whom are committed to maintaining democracy through guaranteed rights to have all votes counted, for all Americans. Everyone should also vote to expand voting opportunities in Connecticut by marking ‘Yes’ on the Early Voting amendment.

Democratic candidates are of the highest integrity and experience but in addition to getting experienced representation at every office, we also help to support a much-needed effort to force the Republican party to disavow and move away from its current acceptance of radical extremist actions and speech. MAGA candidates represent a very dark threat to democracy in our country.

While our local communities might not be seeing the most indoctrinated of the election deniers, true MAGA radicals, we must challenge them for allowing this radical element to become the dominant force in that party, across the nation.

On Nov. 8, vote for Democrats and send a message that America will not accept an authoritarian style of rule anywhere in our wonderful country.

Clayton T. East

Kim Healy is Just What is Needed

To the Editor:

I am pleased to support Kim Healy for State Representative. As a CPA and former auditor, Kim has extensive experience in fiscal responsibility. She is focused on local issues that are important to all of us. Her leadership is just what is needed. As a previous member of the Board of Selectmen, I am acutely aware of local needs and how important representation is. I am confident that Kim will be an advocate for our positions while in Hartford. Please join me in voting for this well-qualified candidate.

Lori Bufano

Keith Denning will Work for Our Interests, Protect Our Values, Move Us Forward

To the Editor:

This election focuses on critical issues such as womens health and reproductive rights, job development and the environment. A vote for Keith Denning for State Representative will safeguard current state legal protections for choice, expand access to womens reproductive care and healthcare for all Connecticut residents while legislating for environmental safeguards, new industries and new jobs.

Keith believes healthcare is a human right. He will champion a public healthcare option to increase competition, reduce costs and relax licensure requirements that will substantially ease the burden on our font-line providers, without compromising the quality of care.

Keith understands that protecting the environment today protects the life of our children and grandchildren and the life of the planet. He is savvy enough to understand that developing new technologies to deal with our climate crisis also provides Connecticut the opportunity to develop new industries and many new jobs — adding even more to our already expanding economy under Gov. Lamont.

We need a strong, experienced problem solver working for us in Hartford. Keith Denning can do just that — keep Wilton and Connecticut safe, strong and vital. Keith will work for our interests, protect our values and move us forward.

Vote for Keith Denning!

Amy Malburg

Kim Healy, Toni Boucher and Jayme Stevenson will Fight for Us

To the Editor:

The Wilton Democratic Town Committee and its supported candidates for state senate and state house are trying to focus your attention on imaginary enemies. I’m confident that Wiltonians are savvy enough to see through this. Despite what you hear, Connecticut has some of the strictest gun laws in the US and neither Kim Healy nor Toni Boucher wants to erode this. Likewise, neither wants to change any of Connecticut’s abortion laws. And signs saying you have to vote for only one party to “save Democracy?” That’s nonsensical.

So, what is at stake? Local control of schools and zoning. Connecticut’s lost decade on jobs and economic growth. Responsible spending, and tax policy that doesn’t chase seniors and others away in droves. Better schools in our cities that give students a fighting chance. If you care about any of these things, please support Kim Healy and Toni Boucher. They will be our champions in the state legislature. Jayme Stevenson will take the same common-sense approach to Washington as the first woman to represent southwestern Connecticut in congress in 75 years! Together these women will fight for us!

Respectfully submitted,

Warren Serenbetz

One reply on “ELECTION 2022: Letters to the Editor — Oct. 28, 2022”

  1. Republicans getting mad about Democrats running a “scare campaign” when they’ve spent the entire election season dredging up talk about regionalization is pretty ludicrous.

    It would be great if everyone would stick to a) things they can actually achieve in office (no power in the state of Connecticut can meaningfully affect inflation and you all know that) and b) positions their opponent actually holds, but if that’s off the table – and Republicans put it off the table before they’d even decided on their candidates – then fair is fair and Democrats certainly shouldn’t fight with one hand behind their backs.

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