GOOD Morning Wilton has spoken with a representative of the family and friends of Arinzechukwu Ukachukwu, the north Wilton man who was killed last Tuesday, March 21.

We have been asked to share the GoFundMe effort they have organized with the Wilton community Ukachukwu and his wife, Alisha, carefully chose to make their new home last summer. The hope is twofold: to enable the community to help support his wife and young son, and also to share what an amazing person Ukachukwu, affectionately known as “Red,” was.

“We want to make sure the story of our brother Red doesn’t become defined by his assailant,” they said.

We are publishing this information at the family’s request. For more insight to our coverage of this story, please read the editor’s message published earlier today.

This GoFund Me has been created by friends and family of Arinzechukwu “Red” Ukachukwu to assist his wife and 2-year-old son, while grieving a heinous murder committed at their new home. We are doing the best we can to ensure Red’s family can cover their funeral expenses, loss in income and basic needs for survival over the next few months, allowing them the time to figure out how to manage without him for the rest of their lives.

On March 21, 2023, Red — our Son, Husband, Brother, and Friend, was taken from us due to being a victim of a tragic, heinous, and senseless murder, occurring in his own home. Red and his wife, Alisha, had just moved from Brooklyn to purchase their first home in Wilton, Connecticut. Red was so proud to be able to build a new home for his family, and we were all so excited to witness this new phase of his life. After dropping his 2-year-old son at school, Red went home to start work and was brutally attacked and stabbed unexpectedly. His body transitioned at home when the police found him. We are reeling, shocked, angry, incredibly sad, and in utter disbelief because this shouldn’t have happened, and there is no good or logical reason why it did.

We, the family and friends of beloved and cherished Arinzechukwu “Red” Ukachukwu, humbly thank you for your prayers and support. 

We remember Red as a loving and thoughtful burst of energy. He naturally connected with every person he came into contact with, and made every person he met feel like they’d known him for years. Whether it was his boisterous laugh, quick wit, or eclectic dance moves, every facet of Red’s being was unique and special. He was also a jack of all trades: a supremely talented musician, videographer, brand creator, innovative business mind, analytical and technical wizard, and so much more. Red’s creativity knew no bounds, and we are all the beneficiaries of his fantastic ability to help people bring their dreams to life. The world has been robbed of a wonderful being, a loving and passionate soul who brought so much joy and laughter to so many people. You could always catch Red laughing with someone, and engaging in passionate conversations about any and everything. He was a great listener and loved to explore everything about people and the stories that made them who they were. He was a fast learner, a natural entrepreneur, and a creative doer who could turn anything in his mind into reality.

We will miss him terribly, every day, for the rest of our lives. We are incredibly grateful that we could share so much of our lives with Red, and that his presence and energy blessed us for as long as it did.

As we prepare to lay Red to rest, we lean on our community of loved ones. Red was the foundation and glue of his growing family, and this tragic event has completely wrecked their lives. That said, we intend to raise $50,000 through this GoFundMe effort to support his family and their immediate financial needs. Please share this with your friends, family, and anyone you think would find it in their heart to contribute to the needs of the Ukachukwu-Lager family. We have faith that if we all work together, we can meet our target. Every donation, whether large or small, will be meaningful and helpful.

Please keep his wife Alisha, son Golden Gray, Parents Mr. And Mrs. Ukachukwu, siblings Princess and Edozie, and the entire village of friends and families that have been wrecked by this tragedy in your thoughts, and prayers. Thank you in advance for your love and support. May God continue to smile on you.


Family and Friends of the Ukachukwu-Lager Family