(Left to right) Point Break Tacos owners Claire Anastasia and Jason Norrett with their son, Sonny Anastasia, head chef Hector Galvez Sanchez and line cook Edwin Dario Barahona

Since its soft opening on Oct. 6, a new restaurant, Point Break Tacos, has been making a splash in Wilton Center.

GOOD Morning Wilton spoke with the owners of the new restaurant, located at the back of 126 Old Ridgefield Rd., the building opposite the Wilton Library, in the space formerly occupied by the Pastry Hideaway and Michelina’s Bakery.

Owners Claire Anastasia and Jason Norrett, a married couple who have lived in Wilton with their two children for about four years, drew their inspiration for the restaurant from earlier times spent in southern California.

“In southern California, there’s a taco shop on every corner,” Anastasia said. “Like Dunkin Donuts here. We always missed that aspect here on the East coast. And there was nothing like [that] in town, so we [thought] that would be a great idea.”

The name “Point Break” is a surf term, meant to conjure up images of the perfect wave, and an equally perfect taco. Surf images are seen in the restaurant’s logo, social media and decor.

In addition to tacos, the menu includes burritos and rice bowls with vegetarian, meat and fish options, along with quesadillas and several sides.

Prior to opening, and working closely with the building owner, Anastasia said the space underwent a significant renovation, including everything from plumbing and electrical upgrades to a new hood system, custom order counter, and bathroom remodel.

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The restaurant has indoor seating as well as an off-street patio, with a number of small and family-sized tables.

Supply challenges and other issues affecting the entire restaurant industry did slow down the timing of Point Break’s opening, but Anastasia says the hiring of chef Hector Galvez Sanchez has been key to the operation.

“Hector is just phenomenal,” raved Anastasia. “He’s been in the industry, he’s owned a taco truck, he’s worked at a lot of places. He knows how to run a kitchen effectively.”

Norrett also brings restaurant industry experience, with about 20 years as a restaurant manager, investor and even sommelier.

The owners hope residents will see the restaurant as an “easy-going and relaxing” spot and “a place to hang out.”

Appealing to kids seems to be an important focus. “We wanted to create a spot for the kids to go, and just have more diversity [of] options,” Anastasia said.

The restaurant also participated as a vendor at a Middlebrook PTA event, the “7th Grade Street Party,” which was held outdoors at Comstock Community Center on Oct. 15. Anastasia reported about 120 kids ordered tacos.

She emphasized she and Norrett would like to participate in more events like that going forward, whether for community organizations or catering private events.

“We just love the town, love the people, the camaraderie,” Anastasia said.

While the owners say they haven’t made a big marketing push yet, they are pleased with the soft opening overall. As Anastasia said, “It’s scaling up really quickly. Our training wheels are coming off.”

As next steps, the restaurant will be adding online ordering and applying for a liquor license.

Anastasia said, “This is going to be a nice spot for people to just grab a quick bite to eat, or hang out on the patio and have a margarita and a taco or two.”