The Montessori School is premiering an original musical production, 451 Words, this Thursday, March 9, at 6:30 p.m.. The Middle School students have collaborated on the script and songs, drawing on diverse influences such as Hamilton, Les Miserables and Fahrenheit 451, among others. Families and children are invited to join as the production is accessible and family-friendly for children of all ages.

The students have created their own sets and backdrops for 451 Words, which runs for a little over an hour. The process of creation is part of the Montessori Middle School’s interdisciplinary curriculum around a central theme of “Human Interaction and Conflict.” Design Thinking is also an integral part of the curriculum. Creating a production of this scope requires critical thinking and problem solving to effectively translate their thoughts onto the stage.

A quick synopsis of the production:  Javert, a tyrant of an imaginary country, is determined to control thoughts and information by banning books. He utilizes an internet-like forum to change information at his will. A resistance forms to rebel against his leadership and devises a plan to trick Javert into championing access to the unabridged thoughts of people in this country and across generations.

The Montessori School is located at 34 Whipple Road in Wilton.