During the debate that preceded yesterday’s historic impeachment of President Trump, Wilton’s representative in Washington, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives on the need to impeach Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 

“Madame Speaker,

“I rise today in anger and hope. I am angry that President Donald Trump treated his oath and office so disrespectfully that we now must hold him to account.

“The truth is clear to anyone not deliberately looking away. The President withheld military aid and a White House meeting, unless and until a vulnerable Ukrainian President announced a nakedly political investigation.

“It didn’t matter if the Ukrainians uncovered any wrongdoing. The mere announcement of an investigation would damage his political opponent.

“Mr. Trump didn’t care about stopping corruption in Ukraine – never mentioned the word “corruption” once in the infamous July 25 call.

“This was not an attempt to reduce Ukrainian corruption. It was an attempt by Donald J. Trump to aim Ukrainian corruption straight at the heart of the presidential election of 2020.

“The President knows this, which is why he has not given this Congress a single email, phone record or document.

“That is not the behavior of a man with nothing to hide. It is, simply and undeniably, contempt of this Congress.

“But what makes this impeachment essential is that the President’s abuse of power has not stopped. As we speak, he continues to urge foreign interference in our democracy, beseeching China to investigate the Bidens; sending Rudy Giuliani overseas to chase Russian conspiracy theories.

“This morning, the President tweeted: ‘I DID NOTHING WRONG’. All caps. He believes it too. He sees nothing wrong with inviting Russian, Ukrainian or Chinese interference into our election.

“He did it. He continues to do it. And he sees nothing wrong with it. He’ll wake up tomorrow and do it again – if we don’t stop him today.

“Therein lies our hope.

“I’m proud today to answer the call to defend our democracy and the United States Constitution and urge my colleagues to do the same.”