On Tuesday, April 14, in her nightly update on the town’s response to COVID-19, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice wrote that there are 96 lab-confirmed positive cases in Wilton. Also important to note, a previous leveling off of hospitalizations in Fairfield County was short-lived, perhaps because of the high level of case growth in Stamford. 

This is continued evidence of why we must all behave as if you have the virus and as if those around you do as well.

Vanderslice focused on the impact the health crisis has had on Wilton non-profit organizations–with many taking a serious financial hit as a result.

“This ongoing emergency has impacted us all, including Wilton non-profits. The Wilton Library is experiencing a $100,000 fundraising shortfall due to the cancellation of three spring events:  the Annual Gala, the Spring Book Sale and the Authors Luncheon. Trackside Teen Center is unable to earn the required rental income to help underwrite its facility costs. The Wilton Y is without its programming revenue needed to offset its fixed costs and is hoping members will still maintain their membership fees.  Circle of Care is hoping a Virtual Road Race will make up for the cancellation of its annual fundraiser. Ambler FarmWilton Historical SocietyWoodcock Nature Center. The list goes on of non-profits impacted,” Vanderslice wrote.

Vanderslice also noted that the Town’s website now has a Coronavirus Resource Page. “To facilitate access to information, the Town’s website now has a single page with descriptions and links to Town resources related to Coronavirus,” she wrote.

Vanderslice reminded residents about the “Explore Wilton Walking Trails” program. “It’s great seeing the videos and photos posted on the Conservation Commission’s Facebook and Instagram pages as part of Explore Wilton Walking Trails. Don’t forget to enter yours,” she wrote.

She also relayed news from the state about delayed unemployment payments:  “For those still awaiting the additional $600 per week in unemployment compensation, the State official reported today that they are continuing to work on the necessary reprogramming of their software to allow those payments to be made. They hope to have the work completed soon. The funding has been received from the Federal government.”