Wilton Go Green, one of the town’s most visible environmental non-profit organizations. is making good strides in its goal of helping Wilton become the most sustainable town in Connecticut. A good indication of this is the fact that just this past October, the Town was awarded Bronze Certification from the Sustainable CT initiative, a feat that was in many ways dependent on the points earned by Wilton Go Green’s achievements. For any CT town to earn certification, it must implement certain kinds of community-focused sustainability projects, and provide specific documentation about those projects. Doing this work, WGG’s Board members and other dedicated volunteers earned a total of one-fifth of the 200 points required for a town to receive a Bronze award.

Volunteers are critical to helping WGG continue to serve the Town in many ways. The organization’s recently re-launched website aims to provide answers to sustainability questions, and makes the organization more accessible to the community. Wilton resident and graphic designer Ben Emerson was chosen by WGG to re-design its website. Its features encourage users to explore “What We Do” as an organization and shows users how to “Take Action.” WGG welcomes more community involvement, and residents interested in learning more about Wilton Go Green’s initiatives can do so online.

Three years ago, WGG embraced the idea of moving towards zero waste on the path to sustainability. This started with the creation of the Zero Waste Schools Committee and the Zero Waste Faire to educate Wilton residents on why we need to rethink everything we know about recycling, garbage and waste reduction. The ongoing Green Speaker Series continued this theme with an October screening of the documentary Bag-It: Is Your Life Too Plastic, in partnership with Wilton Library. A panel discussion with Tim Dolnier of the Village Market and Jeannine Behr-Getz of BYOCT followed the film, offering insights on plastic vs paper bags and why plastic bag bans are passing in towns around CT. WGG displayed simple alternatives to some of the most common single-use items including bags, straws, flatware and bottles. The Halloween “Bag Man” scarecrow (left) displayed recently on River Road was created to illustrate the over-abundance of disposable plastic bags and other single use plastics.

The next Green Speaker will be Sherill Baldwin of CT DEEP and Recycle CT; she will discuss the current state of recycling and the State program, “What’s In? What’s Out?” on Tuesday, Feb. 4, at 6:30 p.m. at the Library.

WGG’s biggest event will be on Sunday, March 29, when the Third Annual Zero Waste Faire & Sustainable Living Expo happens at the Wilton High School Field House from 11am to 4pm. After more than 1,000 attendees and 70 exhibitors took part in the 2019 Faire, WGG will feature even more in depth aspects of a zero waste/sustainable lifestyle. In partnership with Sustainne, the Faire committee will orchestrate exhibits at their 2020 event that are educational and interactive, with elements that attendees of all ages will enjoy. Subjects covered will include waste and resource management, waste prevention, backyard farming, a kids area, municipal best practices, zero waste hacks, sustainable living, and a Zero Waste Feast in the High School cafeteria provided by Chartwells. Stay tuned for news about opportunities to recycle or repurpose fabrics, electronics and other household items.

On Dec. 3, Wilton Go Green will participate in Giving Tuesday, the global giving movement with local impact. Wilton Go Green hopes to engage new supporters and encourage donations. Funds raised will support Wilton’s Zero Waste Schools Committee (through the purchase and pilot of a new waste station for the school cafeteria), the Green Speaker Series and the 2020 Zero Waste Faire.