With help from the Wilton League of Women Voters, Wilton’s registrars of voters Annalisa Stravato and Carole Young-Kleinfeld will supervise a two-day voter registration drive during lunch at the Wilton High School cafeteria on March 8-9. With proper identification, such as a driver’s license or a social security card, students may complete and submit Connecticut voter registration applications if they are U.S. citizens and will turn 18 on or before Election Day—Nov. 7, 2017. Students may complete applications at the cafeteria or may submit them online using a smart phone or tablet.

The registrars report that the annual high school voter registration drive usually adds 60-80 new voters to Wilton’s voter list. The registrars will also have information available about absentee voting for students who will be away at college or otherwise unable to get to the polls on Election Day in November.

For more information about voter registration and absentee voting, check the Wilton town website.