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Electing Monty Du to Board of Finance Helps Wilton’s Financial Sustainability

To the Editor:

Monty Du is a great candidate for Board of Finance. I got to know Monty and his family since 2014, as we both have been parents in the same schools.

Monty firmly believes in self-reliance and financial accountability. As a professional engineer trained in Columbia University, Monty is very good at numbers. He is also a principal and board member at his Connecticut-headquartered engineering firm, well versed in business, finance, marketing and management.

Monty has spent numerous hours on volunteer work and is passionate about public service. His past experiences include serving as a member of Wilton’s Zoning Board of Appeals in 2019 and being a volunteer committee member in the American Council of Engineering Companies (Connecticut). In addition, he has actively advocated on education issues as well as issues concerning specifically the Asian American citizens. A first-generation American, Monty clearly embraces democracy and the civic duties that come with citizenship.

Monty is very practical with a great problem-solving ability. As a person, he is modest, patient, and always listening to others. Electing him to BOF will help ensure Wilton’s financial sustainability.

Juan Wen

Jessica Christ will Continue Wilton Schools’ Excellence

To the Editor:

I write in wholehearted support of our friend and neighbor Jessica Christ, candidate for Wilton’s Board of Education. The Christ family, with children ages 16, 14 and 11, have been outstanding  community citizens for 11 years.

“Jess” Christ is an intelligent, sensitive, alert and caring person. As she has guided her children through our schools, she has demonstrated an understanding, appreciation and concern for how our education structure and composition should perform. She knows firsthand what Wilton has and what Wilton needs. She has been faced with a child who struggles with learning issues and as much attention as the school puts into children with challenges, she would like to see the same energy put into our “gifted and talented” children.

She has been active in all the schools and her goal is returning our schools back to the basics. Her presence on the Education Board will add a voice of knowledge and experience.

We have been fortunate to live in Wilton for some 50 years. During that time, after our own children passed K-12, we have been aware of our fine system. Jess Christ will continue its excellence.

Ray Moskow

Kim Healy’s “Keen Financial Understanding” would be Great Addition to BOS

To the Editor:

Kim [Healy] would be a great addition to the Board of Selectman (BOS). I have had the pleasure of serving on the Wilton Library Board together with Kim for six years and she was treasurer while I was president for the last four. I can tell you first hand that she has a keen financial understanding of both the town budget and how we compare to our surrounding communities. She works hard, listens intently to the issues and cares deeply about Wilton and serving the community. I will be voting for Kim in November. I would ask you to do so as well.

Michele Klink

Experience Makes Richard Santosky Outstanding for BOF

To the Editor:

How often do you find a Board of Finance candidate that has experience serving as a Board of Trustee [member] at a university understanding educational budgeting? Is the principal of one of NYC[‘s] largest real estate development/construction firms working on public works projects, understands government budgeting, funding, bonding, debt service and bargaining with Union contracts? Is a civil and environmental engineer, and was an engineer officer with the Army Corps of Engineers? And has been a volunteer firefighter/EMT with a degree in fire science?

That doesn’t happen often!

All those things about Rich [Santosky] make him an outstanding candidate. How could you not vote for him? Still not sure … ask yourself is there something that stands out more than that experience?

Maybe this, I quietly found out that the city of NY asked him to assist in the management of the response after the 9/11 attacks at Ground Zero. He established protocols, managed budget forecast, accounting process including overall cost control, management for all contractors and consultants providing information to FEMA and Congress. This for 14 months!

Why vote for him: “Service to my community is a duty & privilege.”

Thank you,

Patty Tomasetti

Matt Raimondi:  “Talented” Member of Next Generation to Serve Wilton

To the Editor:

It is not often that someone comes along with the passion to serve their community like Matt Raimondi. Not only does Matt have the financial experience to serve on Wilton’s Board of Finance, but he also has the ethics, integrity and compassion sorely needed in todays’ political climate. In addition, he has shown his dedication by giving his time to the Kennedy Children’s Center, REACH Institute and the board of the Friends of Sherwood Island.

When I learned that Matt, a Wilton High School graduate, had bought a house [here] with his new wife and was looking to serve our town, I was delighted and grateful. We need the next generation to step up.

His priorities are essential to preserving and enchaining our community: protecting property values by maintaining a reasonable mill rate; exercising responsible oversight of the budget, promoting fiscal responsibility, and prudent spending; supporting improvement and maintenance of our towns infrastructure; maintaining Wilton’s AAA rating and pension funding level; and preserving Wilton’s top rated schools.

I have been involved in local government for many years and know talent when I see it. I hope you will join me in voting for Matt Raimondi on Nov. 2.

Toni Boucher

Jared Martin the “Intelligent Choice” for BOE

To the Editor:

I strongly support Jared Martin for the Board of Education. With our children in the same class, I got to know Jared well over the past year. He is personable, approachable, and genuine, and his focus on both transparency on the board and STEAM education really resonates with what parents like me value.

There are several salient qualities that really make Jared stand out. In the spirit of David Letterman, who hails from neighboring New Canaan, I prepared a top-5 list:

  1. Jared would be the only man and only father of Wilton students on the BOE.
  2. Jared cares deeply about the quality of Wilton’s schools. Why else would he be running for BOE as a busy father of relatively young children?
  3. Jared is very focused on giving parents a voice on the BOE.
  4. Jared is not aligned with a political party. As such, he stands for what he believes in and not what anyone else is telling him to say.
  5. Jared believes in critical reasoning and the scientific method. He presents his opinions with data to support.

Jared Martin is the intelligent choice for BOE – join me in voting for him!

Thank you,

Neesha Ramchandani

Jessica Christ and Jared Martin will Work Tirelessly to Keep BOE Accountable

To the Editor:

Jessica Christ and Jared Martin are Wilton Board of Education candidates who will represent all parents, students, and taxpayers with the experience and steadfast leadership required by this unique and demanding position. I have had the pleasure of knowing both Jessica and Jared for some time in varying capacities. Aside from their important perspectives as working parents of young and adolescent children currently attending Wilton schools, both Jared and Jessica will bring transparent and collaborative approaches to the Board, and they will work tirelessly to be sure that the Board is accountable to all parents. We all know how challenging the past few years have been for Wilton students from pre-K through Grade 12. As things move forward, new challenges loom, and parents’ open dialogue with the Board — as your voice in how the District is run — will be exceptionally important. We need BOE members who are willing to ask the tough questions. Jessica Christ and Jared Martin are the right answer at this critical juncture for the Wilton Board of Education. Please consider voting for both Jessica and Jared on Row B.

Bill Lalor

Democrats Have “Amazing Slate of Candidates”

To the Editor:

Wilton deserves a positive voice for our future. We have gone through some of the darkest times in the last year and a half because of [a] virus that changed how we see the world. We deserve to have candidates who are highly experienced and qualified to help make Wilton an even better place to live and work. I am introducing Bas Nabulsi and Keith Denning for the Board of Selectman. I am introducing Sandy Arkell and Frank Bria for the Board of Finance. I am introducing Deb Low (incumbent Chair) and Pam Ely and Nicola Davies for Board of Education; and Eric Fanwick and Ken Hoffman for Planning and Zoning. Please vote Democratic on Nov. 2. These candidates deserve your support for our town. Visit our web site for more information on our candidates and you will agree that the Democrats have an amazing slate of candidates. Candidates that bring a positive voice back to Wilton.

Vicki Rossi