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Pam Ely Has Decades of Experience as Day School Director

To the Editor:

I’m writing to wholeheartedly endorse Pam Ely for the Board of Education. She is an educational leader who understands the urgency of this moment for our children’s success and happiness both now and in the future. Pam has decades of experience supporting Wilton’s children and families as they navigate the triumphs and tribulations of childhood as the director of the Children’s Day School.

As a beloved school leader, Pam understands that all learning is social and emotional. She recognizes that learning to read or write or solve problems is inherently also about tapping into children’s curiosity, strengthening their confidence, and helping them find their inner courage. In light of the immense and pressing challenges confronting Wilton’s education system because of the pandemic, Pam will bring a thoughtful perspective on how to integrate the academic, social, emotional, and physical lives of children—she will do that because that’s what she has always done. She will ask the right questions. She will ponder evidence. She will look out for children’s hearts as well as their minds. Vote for Pam Ely — there is no one who will advocate for your children more.


Katie Egan Cunningham
Professor of Literacy and English Education, Manhattanville College

Bas Nabulsi & Keith Denning — Diverse and Experienced, and Ready to Tackle Issues

To the Editor:

As we reflect on the past year and a half, faced with unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, and look ahead to the obstacles and decisions that will come our way in the future, there has never been a more stark reminder that our elected officials must be pragmatic, forward-thinking, and compassionate. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve also witnessed first-hand the critically important decisions made on the local level, perhaps none more so than on the Board of Selectmen. This year, Wilton Democrats have put forth a diverse, highly experienced slate of candidates ready to tackle the issues of today and tomorrow, mindful of our town’s rich character and history, and ready to build a positive future together. I wholeheartedly support Bas Nabulsi and Keith Denning for the Board of Selectmen. Bas and Keith will bring a wealth of knowledge to the BOS and a shared commitment to work tirelessly on behalf of our community. Most importantly, they love our town and are genuinely excited by its future. On Nov. 2, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Bas and Keith along with the entire Democratic slate. Now, more than ever, Wilton’s future is on the ballot. Let’s ensure that future is bright.

Stephen Blinder

Monty Du’s Business Experience Invaluable to Wilton’s Finance Administration, Sustainability

To the Editor:

I am writing to share my strong support of Monty Du for his Board of Finance candidacy. As an unaffiliated voter who has never openly endorsed any public office candidates, I feel obligated to do so because of Monty’s qualifications and recent issues impacting Wilton.

Monty is a proven leader with the know-how to serve on the board. An Ivy League-trained engineer, Monty gained financial governance insights through his capacity as a board director of an engineering firm. Monty is a strong believer in financial accountability. His business experience will be invaluable to Wilton’s finance administration and sustainability.

Monty’s passion to serve is admirable. In addition to serving on Wilton’s Zoning Board of Appeals, Monty has been vocal about both education and inequality. The most recent example was his appearance at the CT House to testify concerns for H.B. 6424.

I was drawn to Wilton 14 years ago for its small-town charm and the school system. Due to many commonly shared values, I believe Monty is uniquely qualified to serve the community and make Wilton affordable and attractive to young families for generations to come. Please join me in voting for him. You will not regret it!

George Zhao

A Dedicated Volunteer to Wilton Public Schools, Nicola Davies will be Major Asset to BOE

To the Editor:

I cannot think of a better person than Nicola Davies to be elected to the Wilton Board of Education.

I have been a Wilton resident since 2007 and have a child now at Wilton High School.

I have had the fortune of knowing Nicola during this time not only as a school volunteer extraordinaire but as an amazing neighbor and friend.

Of any parent that I know in Wilton, Nicola is, justifiably, the most dedicated volunteer to the Wilton Public Schools. From her position as PTA president for several years to various roles that are too many to count, Nicola has given her time selflessly to the students, staff, and parents of the WPS.

Nicola is a caring, patient and hardworking person. She unfailingly has a smile and a kind word for all parents and children that she encounters.

If elected, she will be a major asset to the Wilton BOE.

Please vote for Nicola Davies at the Nov. 2 elections.

Annemarie Aronowitz

Can’t Support Republicans

To the Editor:

I write to express my dismay that in the fall of 2021, in a town full of nice, sensible people, there’s still a serious chance we might elect candidates who are running as members of the Republican party.

Do the Republican candidates in this year’s election believe that the 2020 election was stolen? If not, why are they running as Republicans?

Do the Republican candidates support the terrorists who attempted to take over the US capitol on Jan. 6? If not, why are they running as Republicans?

Do the Republican candidates oppose sensible anti-COVID measures like vaccine and mask mandates? If not, why are they running as Republicans?

Do the Republican candidates oppose teaching both the heroic and regrettable aspects of American history in our schools? If not, why are they running as Republicans?

Do the Republican candidates think Donald Trump was a good president? If not, why are they running as Republicans?

I hope Wilton’s Republicans will eventually find the moral courage to re-brand themselves as something other than Republicans, but in the meantime, I would vote for a public-service-minded jellyfish before I would vote for somebody with an (R) after their name.

Michael Love

Matt Raimondi — A “Good Man Who Wants to Give Back”

To the Editor:

We’ve known Matt Raimondi for many years. Matt is honest, hardworking, and diligent and we’re excited to vote for him on Nov. 2.

One of our favorite stories about Matt comes from when he was a senior at Wilton High School and our youngest son was a freshman. Matt was a strong student, and our son’s English teacher asked if Matt would tutor him. They met often to go over the materials, and to this day our son credits Matt with not only raising his grades but also with inspiring him to attend college and work in finance. We’re grateful for what Matt did for our family, and we’re excited that he wants to continue giving back to our community. 

Matt stands for a reasonable mill rate, oversight on the budget, fiscal responsibility, transparency, supporting our town infrastructure, and preserving our schools. But importantly, Matt is a good man who wants to give back to the community. With his background and career in finance, he is the right man for the job.

We’re looking forward to voting for Matt on Nov. 2 and hope that you’ll join us.

Paul and Iris Farmer

BOE Member in Support of Stewart Koenigsberg

To the Editor:

I have had the opportunity to work with Stewart Koenigsberg for almost two years in our respective town government roles. As the Board of Education and Board of Finance have worked together on numerous issues impacting our schools, I have always appreciated Stewart’s preparation and professionalism, his incisive and valuable viewpoints, and his willingness to ask difficult questions. Stewart is a strong asset to this town and I look forward to working with him again if re-elected to his Board of Finance position. I urge voters to consider supporting Stewart on Row B.


Jennifer Lalor
BOE Member

Jessica Christ will Advocate for Our Children

To the Editor:

I fully support Jessica Christ for Wilton’s Board of Education. I have been fortunate enough to know Jess and her family since we moved to Wilton 10 years ago. Our daughters were in Miller-Driscoll together and through school, sports, and town events our families became fast friends.

Jess is smart and caring, especially when it comes to our children. She has been involved in many volunteer positions in the Wilton schools. Our families were both attracted to Wilton because of the quality of the education. Jess is passionate that every child deserves the right path, including those with learning challenges as well as those who can excel beyond the current curriculum. Jess understands learning disabilities as she has a child who has struggled, and she is also an advocate for bringing back programs like the “gifted and talented” program and starting foreign language instruction in Kindergarten.   Every child is different and there is no one perfect program for all, hence we need different programs to have all our kids thrive. Vote for Jess, she will advocate for our children.

Patricia Costanzo

We Share Jared Martin’s Education Goals for Our Children

To the Editor:

This is the first time I’m writing to the editor or submitting anything like this, but I feel I need to for the sake of my kids and yours. My husband and I have three young children and we moved to Wilton because we liked the schools and the tight-knit community.  Since arriving two years ago we have been lucky to get to know Jared Martin, another parent of young children similarly focused on high-quality education. We both believe the Board of Education needs people who are looking and seeing what we are seeing on a daily basis. For Wiltonians, our kids are our everything, easily the most important people in our lives, and the reason we justify the high level of taxes we pay to live here. So why am I writing this letter? Jared Martin and my family’s education goals for our children are the same. We think reading, writing, math, advanced courses, and critical thinking are vitally important for all our kids. And importantly, we think Wilton would benefit from having a finance professional on a board that spends over $80 million annually.  He’s got our vote! Thank you, and best of luck Jared!

Kristin Regan

Vote for Positive Voice of Democrats Bas Nabulsi and Keith Denning

To the Editor:

Wilton is a great town, and we want to keep it growing and prosperous. The best way to do that is to elect qualified, experienced candidates who care about Wilton. Bas Nabulsi clearly fills the bill. He is an intellectual property attorney who served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for 10 years. He has lived in Wilton since 1992 and knows and loves our town. Under his guidance, Wilton will continue to grow and prosper. Keith Denning is a nurse anesthetist and has lived in Wilton since 2017. He has experienced life and death situations in the face of COVID and can address any obstacle with calm and intellect. Wilton must continue to grow in a positive direction with economic vibrancy and fiscal security. Vote Democratic on Nov. 2 and vote for a positive voice for Wilton.

Jim Kapustka

Row B Best Represents Unaffiliated Voters

To the Editor:

Attention unaffiliated voters, the 40% of Wiltonians representing a plurality in town. There is one row on your ballot this year where you are best represented — Row B. As a member of the RTC’s nominating committee I know firsthand the great lengths undertaken to find the best candidates for Wilton, including those without party affiliation. As a result, on Row B you will find:

  • Two amazing unaffiliated candidates (Jared Martin and Tara Pagano) running to drive positive change
  • Two first-generation immigrants (Mangtao “Monty” Du and Peter Wrampe) who treasure this town and country
  • A tireless woman running for Board of Selectmen (Kim Healy) with a peerless level of involvement in Wilton organizations
  • The youngest elected person in Wilton government today (the impressive Jill Warren), and an outstanding man who has served Wilton for 37 years (Chris Gardner)

Last week on this page my DTC counterpart asked you to vote specifically for a party. Instead I encourage you to vote for the strongest, most diverse set of individuals, defined far more by their achievements and personal stories than political affiliation. They will put Wilton over party, and people over politics. Vote for Wilton — vote Row B.

Jake Lubel

Chris Gardner will be Caring, Fair-Minded Addition to Board of Assessment Appeals

To the Editor:

I believe Chris will be an excellent candidate to handle adjudication of property assessments in Wilton. I have known Chris and Tina [Gardner] since 1990. They are good friends and neighbors and have raised a son and daughter, both graduates from the Wilton schools.

Homeowners know the importance of an accurate property assessment. Chris understands the necessity of fair and equitable assessments for the homeowner and the Town of Wilton. As a long term Wilton resident Chris knows the impact of the assessment process on the financial stability of the town, our schools, critical town services and to the reputation of Wilton. Traits that are key to fulfilling the duties of this position.

Chris, a Vietnam veteran, corporate executive and small business owner has spent a significant part of his adult life in service to our community: Chris has served Wilton as a constable; he has been a Wilton EMT for many years; Chris has taught numerous classes on life-saving emergency CPR; and [he] has helped out at various town events.

I strongly support Chris as the candidate for the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Gary Rosen

Wilton Can Do No Better than Tom Gunther & Jaclyn Coleman for ZBA

To the Editor:

I would like to personally endorse two candidates for the Zoning Board of Appeals. I was on a similar board for a large city in New Jersey. Zoning appeals are a critical part of how Wilton continues to develop. This is especially true as the Town is becoming built out and zoning changes become more frequent, and sometimes more controversial. That is why experience and sound judgement, along with the ability to see a broader picture is so important.

Tom Gunther has previous experience as a zoning board member and is a dedicated volunteer in Wilton. I personally have worked directly with Tom on on numerous planned and un-planned CERT deployments. I can attest to his dedication and sound judgement.

Jacklyn Coleman is extremely qualified as she is an experienced real estate attorney. From my experience, serving on the ZBA requires sound judgment and the ability to weigh the good of the community along with concern for the individual’s reasonable requests for an adjustment.

Both are highly qualified, possess specific relevant experience, judgement and a concern for the community. Wilton can do no better than Jacklyn and Tom.

Bob Sabo

Democratic Candidates Invested in Wilton and Its Future

To the Editor:

I’m excited about the slate of Democratic candidates running for office in Wilton this fall. In addition to their depth of experience, they have demonstrated their commitment to making Wilton a better place to live. They have served as volunteers on multiple town government committees and boards in the past, as well as with organizations focused on improving the lives of others. From Bas Nabulsi, who is running for Board of Selectmen and has served as a Wilton Planning and Zoning commissioner for 10 years and has been instrumental in balancing the need for development with the equally important need to preserve the open spaces that give Wilton so much of its charm and character; to Debbie Low, who has served as the chairwoman on the Board of Education for the past two years and during the pandemic, has been bringing parents, school officials and the community together to make sure Wilton schools are safe for our children; the Democratic candidates are invested in this town and its future. I encourage every voter in Wilton to become familiar with both the Democratic and Republican candidates’ records, and then make the choice to vote Democrat across the board on Election Day.

Carey Field

Wilton Would Be Well-Served by Kim Healy

To the Editor:

I was thrilled when Kim Healy threw her hat into the race for Board of Selectmen, and am pleased to give her my strong support. Kim has so much to offer Wilton, and we would be well-served to have her represent us in this important capacity. As a CPA and auditor, she has a deep understanding of fiscal issues, and will use that knowledge to make smart, sound decisions. Kim recognizes the need to attract new businesses by providing a climate that will make Wilton a preferred location. Similarly, she understands the need for Wilton to be a “community of first choice” for potential new residents.

As an involved parent, she has long been at the forefront in advocating for our schools. This includes her leadership in turning back the misguided idea to regionalize Connecticut’s school districts. As a library board member, she helped oversee the continued growth and importance of that town asset, all while keeping spending in check.

Perhaps most important, Kim is a dedicated member of our community who is excited about helping to move our town forward. We will be lucky to have her on our Board of Selectmen.


Christine Finkelstein