The following is an op-ed from Wilton First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, with a review of everything that happened in municipal government over the summer.

Welcome Back!  Here’s What You Missed

Whether you were away for the summer or just a few weeks, or maybe you’re new to Wilton, this will help you catch up on recent town government matters that could impact you.

  • All town roads were scanned this summer to provide an engineering assessment and an objective means of determining paving priorities. The report will be presented at the Sept. 9 Board of Selectmen meeting and then available on the Department of Public Works page of the Town’s website.

    Road paving will continue until late October/early November. We’ve hired a contractor to augment prep work to make up for the large number of days lost due to rain. The status of current paving is also available on the DPW webpage.


  • The year-end audit is underway. The Board of Selectmen actual results are again favorable to budget. Our balance sheet remains strong.


  • In response to resident complaints about recent guardrail replacements, we enacted a temporary moratorium. DPW personnel are investigating options, which will be presented at the Sept. 23 BOS meeting. Public comment is welcome. 



  • As you drive north on Rte. 7/Danbury Rd., you will note the [Sunrise Senior Living] project (211 Danbury Rd.) on the corner of Orems Ln. is moving close to completion. The Planning and Zoning Commission continues to work through an application for 200 Danbury Rd. and is anticipating an application for the corner of Rte. 7 and Pimpewaug Rd. in advance of its Sept. 9 meeting.


  • Construction of our shared virtual net metering solar project with Weston has begun. Our share has increased to 66%, saving the schools a forecasted average of $66,000 per year over the life of the project. Once this system goes live in November, 34% of building electricity needs will be met by renewable sources.


  • Assessor Sarah Scacco is developing proposed revisions to the Town’s Senior Tax Relief program. Currently, approximately 1% of the Town’s annual budget is allocated to relief, yet not all funds are utilized. Sarah will be presenting at the Sept. 23 BOS meeting.


  • The Wilton Library Association raised more than enough additional funds to earn the $25,000 BOS challenge match.  Congratulations to the WLA and thank you to everyone who supported this successful fundraising.


  • The Western Council of Governments (WestCOG) accepted the proposal to study multi-town sharing of public safety facilities, of which Wilton was a sponsor. Chief Lynch, Captains Conlon and Cipolla and I assisted with the RFQ and Captain Conlon is assisting with the selection of the consultant. This study will inform and augment the work of the Police HQ/Town Campus Building Committee.





  • Schencks Island/Merwin Meadows consultants have finished their recommendations. A presentation to the Schencks Island Merwin Meadows Study Committee is expected later this month.


  • SeeClickFix surpassed 1,000 resolved inquires. Thank you to the residents using the system to report issues or ask questions. If you haven’t downloaded the app, you can find the link in the Resident Center of the Town’s homepage.


  • Lastly, infrastructure improvements began on Fire Station 2. Town staff assisted with summer projects at the schools and work at Trackside Teen Center in anticipation of the alternative school program. The latter is a win-win for students, parents and taxpayers and for Trackside. By providing support to Trackside, the program is helping the teen center meet its own program objectives.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or join me for my next Walk with Lynne on Sept. 10 beginning at noon at Merwin Meadows.